Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Rainy Day

Winter in Kentucky this year has been mostly about rainy days.
Recalling last summer's fairly severe drought, I can only hope that there is a carry-over effect of the ample moisture being bestowed upon us in the past several months.
Today's photos may have an element of deja vu--the big boy 'kittens' relish the aftermath of every rainfall and were quite the brightest elements of a grey morning landscape.

Nellie stirs the puddle.

What with fresh puddles and the endless up-earthings of moles to explore, the 'boys' spent a happy half hour in the sodden yard, before coming indoors to dry off on clean bedspreads. [Sigh]

Edward carrying a prize fished out of the puddle.
I intercepted him and found he was carrying a leafy cocoon--looks like remnants of a 'bagworm' wintered over.  I didn't allow him to bring it indoors.

This was the outlook early on Saturday morning.
We've had only the lightest dustings of snow all winter.
This disappeared in a few hours.
Our weeks of gloomy weather have made for less walking along the edges of the fields--too muddy for a pleasant stroll, thus many more hours than usual to stay inside and sew or read.


  1. The little family always seems to be having fun.:)

  2. I so love the photos of the cats playing with the water ....we actually have not had rain for three days ...and even the sun was out today. xx

  3. How funny to see a cat playing in water. I hope you get some sunny weather soon.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. I agree - may cats would have rather died than get in the water! I guess with so much rain they've just had to get used to it! Love the dusting of snow picture. x

  5. We have had a dry spell too but a little rain this morning (plants need it) and apparently heavy rain is due tomorrow.

    I had to smile at the boys playing in the puddles!!! I wonder if there is some Maine Coone in them as Honey, our MC, didn't mind water and the MCs a friend has used to go in the shower with her when they were kittens. Lovely photos.

    You will smile when I tell you that Theo is always out trying to fish the pond. I came down the other morning to find he had been successful, and a very dead goldfish was laid lovingly in his bed . . .

  6. I love you cat photo's! Here in Holland its spring now. I love it.

  7. I know what you mean about muddy paws on clean bedspreads - cats and dogs.