Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Settling Into October

The trio of boy cats discovered that the house is a pleasant place to be on chilly evenings or whenever a nap is needed.
A favorite place seems to be on top of the piano.
Sadly, Nellie became so relaxed there after breakfast yesterday that he rolled off and landed in a large 'beefsteak' begonia.  Nellie was unhurt but the plant lost about a dozen leaves. [Sigh]
Such are the hazards of living with cats!

Little Edward, cozy on cushions.

With the suggestion of frost for Sunday evening, G. and I cut zinnias, roses, cosmos--anything we could salvage.
[It didn't frost!]

A tin cup full of roses--ignore the coiled hose in the back of G.'s truck--definitely not photogenic.

Autumn is my favorite season--I love the rich, mellow colors, crisp air, blue-sky afternoons.

J. cut the kale crop with the trimmer--G. has taken it home to can.
The back of her truck was laden with flowers and tender garden produce.

Pebbles, the elderly horse, prefers cooler weather and is more spritely than during the long hot summer.

Heuchera/Coral Bells. I lamented that this clump had been 'lost' to the heat and prolonged draught.
It was a delight to find these renewed plantlets when I cleared away some encroaching grass.
[So much for the laborious weeding and many bags of mulch--it appears the weeding is all to do over.]

Michaelmas daisies.

The long view toward Payne Janes Hill.


  1. Cute photo of them all on the piano. You are so wonderful to take them on. I know they will have good lives now. I know how hard they can be on in-door plants so I moved my orchid that had lost all its blooms because of cats. Three months ago it had a bud. No progress until yesterday I saw the bud start to open. I think by tomorrow it may have a bloom. This is so exciting as I have never had an orchid bloom in my home before. Audrey can't reach it, obviously.

  2. I thought the coiled hose was a load of fat juicy beans LOL
    Love the pic of the harvest on the back of the pick up.

  3. Our Felix rolls off things when he get excited and forgets where he is and our Barnaby has rolled off chairs when a sleep. He is recovering from having his manhood removed at the moment ...bless and Ellie is in next week cost so much though.
    You new trio certainly have made themselves at home. xx

  4. Lovely photos of the three new boys who are obviously very relaxed with you!

    Pebbles looks well.

  5. Love all of those pictures. The one with the coiled hose is perfect.

  6. I thought it was green beans, too! Lovely photos.