Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quiet Days

Last week J. decided to visit his sister who lives in Tennessee.
I was still weary from my painting project, from late [delightful] evenings with company, from hours of canning fruit.
Contemplating the miles of riding in the car, three nights in a strange bed, the effort needed for conversation and outings I suddenly decided I was not up for it.
I sent J. on his way--not without some regrets--but also with a feeling of relief as
quiet descended on the house.
The day was chilly and sunless with a nipping wind.
I made up the wood fire in the living room, put the kettle on for tea, gathered books and magazines and retreated to my favorite lair--my Grampa Mac's old rocking chair which sits in a corner near the fireplace.
I thought briefly of the projects I might undertake with no scheduled meals to prepare, no din of the TV.
I even considered that perhaps I should haul out the vac and do a bit of house cleaning.
In the end, I admitted that I was badly over-tired and that I could REST without feeling guilty.

By Sunday morning sunshine had returned and two days of quiet tasks interspersed with hours of  reading by the fire had begun to restore me.
With breakfast cleared away and animals tended, I went outside to enjoy October's 'bright blue weather.'

Each day a new crop of leaves has drifted down from the dooryard trees.

Dogwood leaves have turned a glowing deep red.

The old pear tree looms against the sky.
Yesterday the corn harvesting machinery growled through the field, leaving brown stubble behind.

A clump of yarrow, started from seed in the springtime, blooms near the front steps.

Last blooms on the phlox.

Roses and mint.

Willis potters about with me, weaving through the tall bleached grass at the edge of the front field.

Llittle Edward poses prettily in a clump of lavender.

Not as attractive as catnip, still my herbal harvest must be investigated.

Note the differences in color of the lavender branches.  The grey tinged stalks are from plants purchased last year. The plants I raised this spring from seed designated a 'lavender vera' have green foliage.

Each day the landscape changes as the leaves deepen in color and then
float down to lie in sweeps and billows across the lawn.
Mornings are darker, the daylight melts away into dusky evenings as we move ever closer to the season of winter.


  1. Aw...yes, time alone. We all love the peace and quiet and opportunity to get to know oneself again. I'm sure your cats are happy that you stayed behind so their daily routine was not disturbed. They do frown at change. I love to read your posts. I feel like I am right there and in the moment. Deb

  2. I'm enjoying time alone also as DH has gone over to check on our other house and so I have four days to do as I like. I use the time to catch up on odd bits and pieces but like you I spend time reading in peace and quiet. The best part is knowing that the being alone isn't a permanent state just a pleasurable treat. Your October photos are lovely, the leaves here are beautiful this year but we've been having wet, grey days. Oddly the low light level seems to accentuate the golden glow of the leaves.

  3. I'm glad you got to rest. I shall be joining you today (horrid cold with temp.) with Diana Gabaldon's Dragonfly in Amber (re-reading). I also have some tack to clean, purchased yesterday at auction.

    I hope that J enjoys his visit, but you know the old saying - East, West, home is best!

  4. What a lovely post ...I felt I had spent the last few days with you ...mind you the silence would have been broken as I talk far too much given an ear that might just listen.
    The colours of your scenery, are wonderful as are your photos.
    Little Edward looks like a 'Chocalate Box' model pretty/handsome.I hope you are totally revitalized and J has has a good time too. xx

  5. What lovely pictures. Dartmoor has been shrouded in fog for over a week now so I'd almost forgotten what the sunshine looked like!

  6. you have summed up so nicely how autumn feels and looks. A lovely restful and contemplative time for taking stock, which I believe this season is all about.

  7. A beautiful post with gorgeous pictures. I can just imagine the fireplace and the rocker - sound heavenly.

  8. Hoping that you feel better for some rest and solitude. Sometimes it is good to stop and spend some quiet hours, although you are never on your own with all your beautiful cats!

  9. Beautiful word pictures (and photos) as always. Hope you are rested now and enjoying this wonderful Autumn season...