Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hard Work--With Help

photo by G.
The exterior window sashes and sills have needed painting ever since we bought the place.
In truth, it appears they have needed painting for quite awhile.
I meant to do it last September while J. was working in Wyoming--cold weather came before I caught up with the task.
I have mentioned it several times recently and the suggestion hasn't met with enthusiasm.
Trotting out the idea again today, J. said if I wanted to have at it, go buy the paint.
There were not many choices at Wal Mart--I would have preferred gloss paint, only semi-gloss was in stock. I bought it rather than go all the way to town to the hardware store.
While I was fetching the paint J. removed the window screens and used a wire wheel on the cordless drill unit to brush off scabs and flakes of old paint.
Here Nellie is interested--doubtless the paint looks like a gallon of cream.

photo by G.
Bobby McGee felt he could be of assistance.
Not surprisingly, the windows on the north side of the house are in the worst shape.
J. declared that the paint is merely a 'stop-gap' measure.
At some point the lower sash units and the surrounding frames will need replacement--but not this year.

photo by G.
The old wood slurped up several coats of the quick-drying paint.

photo by G.
I fended off kittens, kept my mind on the placement of my feet.
I'm clumsy enough that I could unwittingly step off the end of the ladder while stretching for an out of
reach spot.

My photo

The kitchen window is above the cement stairs leading into the basement.
J. positioned a sturdy step ladder on each side of the wall and laid planking between.
We both knew that I would still be likely to lose my balance and fall.
[I wasn't clever at this sort of thing even in my prime.]
J. managed to wash the window, paint the frame and carry on a phone conversation while the
kittens and I observed.
Tomorrow will see touch-up done, the rest of the windows washed and the screens
clipped back in place.
One more refurbishing task checked off the list.
With help!


  1. How lucky you are you can reach all your windows with relative ease (always hoping you don't fall off your perch!) I can manage most of the ground floor-ish windows, but go up a layer and it becomes increasingly difficult - we have the bay windows/roof across the front so the ladder has to ramped out across the garden, and at the side of the house we have the "moat" which we dug out as the ground level was half way up the walls of the rooms in the old Dairy.

    Glad to see you have some cats making sure you do things properly!

    Interesting to see J multi-tasking too!

  2. Bobby Magee looks as though he could work well with a paintbrush of his own!

    I hope the weather stays fine for your painting. You have reminded me that we have some to do here next spring.

  3. I just love that second photo!

  4. Job well done by all. I know you're glad to have that one done.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. Looks like a lot of work. My favorite photo is the one with Bobby McGee on the ladder with you.

  6. I so envy your energy ...maybe if I were as slim as you i might have more lol.Not sure how you fit in all the things you do must be so organized ...and love hard work.xx from Lazy Bones across the pond lol

  7. Cats are always so helpful! I've never been very agile either, Mac cringes every time I go up a ladder.

  8. a lovely post sharon! Nellie has a gorgeous little face, doesnt he?? and Bobbie, well, he's checking you do a proper job! cats always assume the role of foreman! thankyou for the smile!

    Leamne x