Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time Away

Last Sunday we traveled to Ohio to spend time with J.'s sister and her husband.
The visit had been in the talking stage for weeks.
Typically, J. decided that since the weather in Kentucky was forecast as uncooperative for putting up hay we might better push forward our visit.
I scurried about, making sure that G. and D. would have everything needed to care for the cats and horse for several days.
We packed our suitcases, J. gathered up garden produce, we snatched our pillows from the bed, stuffed in last minute bits and pieces and were on the road by noon.
Google maps quoted the trip as about 7 hours.  There was surprisingly little traffic and with J. in the driver's seat we arrived at our destination in a bit over 5 hours--and just in time for a delicious supper of pasta and salad.
C. and J. [Jim's sister shares the same initials] had been baking--two kinds of cookies and a delectable apple pie with a lattice top!
We talked late that evening, setting the pattern for the evenings to follow.
C. and J.'s daughter and son-in-law own a lovely lake 'cottage' an hour's drive over the Michigan/Ohio border and offered it as a 'get-away' for as long as the four of us cared to stay.
The photo above was taken from the lake shore, looking up toward the house.

A pair of swans were in residence at the northern edge of the small lake.
I tried several times to get a good photo of them from the distance, but the sun on the water distorted what I could see in my viewfinder.
The swans flew past once as we sat on the screened porch--a mighty flapping of strong white wings.

A photo at sunset from the main floor porch.

The menfolk took charge of the grill, while Jane and I sliced onions, pressed cloves of garlic, assembled
 condiments and set the table.
[I took this photo from the landing of the upper deck.]

The house was light and airy, the furniture comfy--a welcoming space.
We lingered long in this sitting area, talking the evenings away.

J. was inspired to be very 'toothy' in this photo--I never enjoy having my photo taken and usually manage some sort of a grimace that is less than flattering!

The finest of vacations must end.
Partings are not as easy as happy greetings.
We shared laughter---and a few tears, as we spoke of family members no longer with us.
On our last morning, back in Ohio, we ate together at IHOP, all of us putting off the moment when Jim and I must climb in the car and start the drive back to Kentucky.
We are already planning for the time when C. and J. can make the trip to spend time with us on the farm.
No spacious guest house here, but there will be meals to share, a cat to sit on every lap, more hours to cherish together.



  1. "A cat to sit on every lap"..sounds very inviting. Looks like you had a beautiful little vacation. It's always nice to get away and even nicer to get home again. Thanks for sharing such a pretty place. Deb

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get away for a break (and such a lovely spot too). I hope that it has helped to ease the recent worries and traumas for you. I bet the cats were DELIGHTED to have you home again!

  3. Nice place to spend a relaxing vacation. Glad you enjoyed it,.

  4. What a beautiful home that looks, I can imagine wandering through the rooms looking down on those lovely gardens and trees. it's so hard when families are far apart, this year saw my brother moving to his dream property and now we are all 3-4 hours drive away.
    I hope you will soon be able to welcome C and J to your own lovely home.

  5. What a lovely vacation spot, to spend time with loving and gracious family members. I love the photo of you and J and I love the swan photo at the end of your post.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  6. That sounds like a perfect vacation, rivaled only by one spent at your farm.

  7. Sounds like you had an amazing break the view through the trees....what a beautiful place to relax and enjoy family and food.
    Hope the cats didn't sulk too much on your return. xx

  8. What a gorgeous place they have. So fun to go and visit a place like that and then to have such fun with the company.


  9. What a beautiful place to relax on your holiday. Lovely to spend time with family too.

  10. welcome home sharon! Glad you had a good break, it looks fabulous! what a beautiful setting!

    Leanne x

  11. Our time with Chuck and Jane left us wishing there was not a long day's journey between our homes.
    I'm a bit slow getting into the routine of 'home' after such a relaxed week.
    The cats were very haughty when we came in--turned their furry backs and refused to speak. A few minutes after we settled in bed for the night, they suddenly remembered us--and became very uproarious.

  12. "The cats were very haughty when we came in--turned their furry backs and refused to speak. A few minutes after we settled in bed for the night, they suddenly remembered us--and became very uproarious."

    That made me smile, looked a lovely holiday, serene lake and good weather, you have such splendid scenery in America.