Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apples Continue

Processing the gift apples continues--getting a bit tedious even with J, running the peeler/slicer.

The end of the day saw another pie baked, fresh loaves of bread, 3 pies added to those in the freezer.
I stewed some of the sliced apples with sugar and cinnamon--not overly pleased with the end product--I froze them for use in crumbles and cobblers, but don't know if we'll go on with that process.
While bread and apples baked, a large pot of tomato sauce simmered on the back burner--much appreciated by grandson D.

The end of the day saw me very weary. 
I sat at my desk with a sprawl of cats behind me on the bed.
At such times I miss the late Mrs. Beasley. She would have been on the bed snoring--or more likely, in my lap, leaning heavily on the keyboard tray.


  1. Good old Jim, he will have muscles like Popeye at the end of it!
    I do enjoy seeing the cat clan, I'd like to reach in and rub those furry tummies!

  2. Boy, your house must smell divine. Love to see your cats. More, please. Deb

  3. Keep up the good work! I was given 4 lbs of green tomatoes this week, so have turned them into chutney today 2 jars to go back to the donor and the rest for the store cupboard.

    In Sheffield, where Tam is, some citizens (young and hippy types) have been picking unwanted fruit, and from fruit trees growing "wild" and they redistribute it to nurseries, schools and old people's homes, which I think is a great idea.

  4. I didn't know those peelers were still used....wonderful ...they say a Victorian kitchen to me.

    You could look up a chutney recipe ...Apple Onion and tomato(green or red)...easy and go well with cheese ...maybe its a british thing??? xx

  5. When we lived in Minnesota we had an apple tree. No idea what kind. But the apples were good. As for the apples, they probably needed more sugar -- my answer to everything Brown sugar would sound good! Sorry, I'm a sugar freak.

  6. Your baking does look good!

    Missing a much loved pet goes on for a long while, when you think you see them in their old familiar places, out of the corner of your eye. Mrs Beasley must have been a strong presence, as your "keyboard cat".

  7. Back when I used to have an over-abundance of apples, I used to can sliced apples in quart jars with maple syrup added (don't remember how much). My mother loved these apples. She kept me busy canning up jars of apples for her.

    I know you must miss Mrs. Beasley.

  8. What a fantastic post - domestic productivity and feline hedonism! I'm sure Mrs. Beasley was with you all in spirit.

  9. Mmm, I can smell that apple bread from here :) All your baked goods look just perfect, like something out of a magazine.