Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apples, Anyone?

photo taken by friend Dianne with G's camera

Jim and Gina have been on a mission to salvage apples that a neighbor didn't intend to harvest.
The fruit trees haven't been sprayed in years, but the quality is still quite good.
Whatever else I might have planned to do is now on hold while we 'put up' apples.
J. brought out the gadget that cores, peels and slices apples with the turn of a crank.
I made two batches of pastry.

J. claimed the first pie out of the oven.  A second pie was slated for friends with whom I barter baked goods for fresh eggs.
Three pies have been tucked, unbaked, into the freezer.
I suspect tomorrow will be a day of processing yet more apples.


  1. I can never understand people who have apples but can't be bothered to pick them. Mind you, those pies wouldn't be long in the freezer if I was around!

  2. Those apples look so good! Great that you have been able to harvest some. Our few trees have hardly any fruit this year, due to the cold wet spring and a dearth of pollinating insects.

  3. Oh, that pie is so gorgeous. I always cringe when I pass an apple tree that is not being harvested. Such goodness going to waste.

  4. Our neighbor has an apple orchard and never picks the apples or pears so we are allowed to have all we want. They make the best pies. Unfortunately this year the y are few and far between, because of the unusual spring and drought. Planned to make vinegar with the peels, but I don't think we'll get enough to bother. Have you tried drying them? That's an easy way to preserve the harvest.

  5. Looks delish. I love this season.

  6. I get so furious over waste. I would dispatch someone over apples, as we do not get fresh fruit here where I live. A lot of people waste their fruit trees here.
    You are so lucky.
    Have a wonderful week

  7. Oh yum ...I cant remember when I last made and ate a home baked apple pie .... tend to make crumbles nowadays ...late hubby was the pie addict....they taste even better when they are from free fruit...used to pick brambles in the woods.xx

  8. Sounds and looks delicious to me. Glad you were able to rescue the apples.


  9. I have one of those coring/peeling gadgets, Mine is green enamel and I love it! Cant beat a good old fashioned home made apple pie!

    leanne x

  10. I like the idea of bartering, wish there was more of that kind of thing here.
    Thanks for commenting about Rupert and Willow, poor Tom was trapped for 1 1/2 hours like that. lol
    We have been cat free on the beds for the summer but we notice that now the evenings are getting colder they are gradually creeping back at night, not so good....

  11. We have half a dozen apple trees, and whilst the fruit is smaller this year, we still have enough to see us well into the winter. I hate to see them waste too and have been utilising the "windfalls" that the birds have pecked to earth.

    Sounds like you are being busy. I don't have a peeler other than me and a sharp knife.