Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Third Annual Kitten Drop-Off

J. Devin and I were outside just before dark last evening.J. was watering the lower garden, I had watered my plants on the porch.
Devin was looking for Willis the Cat, so we strolled around the yard, doing the ,"Here, kitty, kitty" routine.
Several things happened in quick order. Willow the Tabby appeared at lightning speed from the upper pasture. Willis sauntered out from under the car--where he had been all along ignoring us.
J. shouted from the garden, "Kittens! There are three kittens here!"
I groaned aloud and inwardly seethed.

"I don't even want to look at them," I declared, as my feet carried me toward the garden.
The kittens, a motley appearing tribe in the twilight, were twining about J.'s ankles. One had already clambered aboard Devin's knee as he knelt with a hand out-stretched to them.
Clearly these were NOT feral or even half-wild kittens such as we found in our woodshed a year ago.
Also, evident from several feet away, was the obvious fact that they had very recently been in a cow barn.

I could write several scalding paragraphs about the always anonymous people who dump their unwanted cats [or dogs] in the countryside to fend for themselves--or worse yet, tip them out conveniently near a neighbor's house.
Devin and I conveyed the three squirming, smelling kittens to the hay barn, where they fell, purring emphatically, upon a dish of kibble.
When I opened the back door this morning I nearly stepped on the little scrap above who was curled on the doorstep.  She gazed up at me as I rocked back on my heels.
She commenced to purr.
The kitten gobbled the food I put down, while Willis and the tortie sisters glared, sour-pussed, from the edge of the carport.
I started toward the barn, kitten bounding behind.
[By this time I had determined SHE was a female!]

Her brother, whom Gina has named "Edward" peered at me from the lawn mower--not really frightened, but a bit more timid than his sister.

The boy with the harlequin marking on his face is "Bobby McGee" also christened by Gina.
[Giving anything a name shows a certain commitment, I fear.]

When the kittens had eaten I scooped up the two boys while their sister trailed behind.
Even temporary [?] feline residents are not allowed to smell bad.
I brought out a basin of warm water and assembled baby shampoo and an old towel.
I anticipated struggles, wild flailing [remembering the debacle of the flea baths last fall for my perfectly 'tame' housecats.]
I bathed the female first.
I didn't find the fleas I was braced for--I did find tiny balls of some gummy black substance stuck to the long fur on her legs.
I washed boy # 1 and then called for J.'s assistance as I now had two wet kittens and a basin of dirty water.

Deciding that a bucket was a better option I handed J. kitten # 3.
He was as compliant as the others had been--purring in the bath!

As you can see, kitten #1, still damp, has come to reassure her sibling that all will be well.

Nicely dry and back in the haybarn, enjoying the spill of sunlight and still more kibble.

Bobby McGee, drying nicely, thank-you.

Edward on the left--so nice to be clean and with tummies full.
Bobby McGee on the right.

Nellie, who is already a charmer.
What to do with three unsolicited kittens?
Oh dear!
I don't know!


  1. I'm almost in tears to think of what the outcome could have been for these three little waifs. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for caring about someone else's throw-aways. Whatever you decide to do, in my mind, you have already turned their life around. Hugs, Deb

  2. Sharon - I put a link to you blog on mine today and there is a give-away if you would like to comment. I know lots of people who would love to read your post. Deb

  3. Oh they are beautiful they so deserve to have a good home.Love Jill xx

  4. What else COULD you do but feed them, bathe them and give them shelter? Whatever the motives of the humans who abandoned these three, they are the most delightful kittens and must come from domesticated parents to be so compliant, so soon.

    A wonderful summer project, even if you do end up finding new homes for them! You and your family are doing a great job MM. Enjoy them :-)

    PS. If I lived nearer I would be sorely tempted by the little grey and white girl, Nellie.

  5. Bless you, Sharon, for caring for the poor little waifs. Unfortunately, there is no other option but to feed and shelter them. My little strays are quite spoiled. If I sleep in, they are waiting for me on the porch, scolding me for being late with their breakfast.

  6. Oh my goodness. These three have already taken a little space in your heart. They know a cat lover when they see one and are lovingly handled by one. I think they may well earn their keep in the barn, and then work their way into the house like Willis. :-)

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. *I* would keep them and do all the stuff you have :-)

    THey are lovely :-)

  8. Oh Lordy - just what you DIDN'T need. But you know, I would have done just the same, and they are all so cute (specially Nellie). . . Bobbie McGee is rather like our late lamented Tippy . . . Similar face markings and the white tip to his tail.

    I don't know how people have the GALL to dump kittens on you. "Oh these people have cats - let's leave them here". Or "Let's put them where we left last year's kittens . . ."

    Perhaps you should put a sign up . . .

  9. Oh my, you are a magnet for unloved, unwanted, motherless waifs!

  10. So grateful for all the people who take care of the little castaways in life. They're all so beautiful.

  11. They're so sweet! Someone knows you'll give them a good home. If we lived closer I'd take one!

  12. What lucky kittens to come upon you good folks to help them out. God Bless You. Each one is more adorable than the other!

  13. I think my bad karma has followed you. But I would have done the very same thing as you know I would.
    They are dolls, and so follow your heart.
    Mine are doing very well and growing.
    Please take care and take a breath.

  14. Lovely little creatures, can't believe that one of them liked baths, but follow your heart on this one, keep them or find new homes.

  15. Is that resignation I see on J's face as he washes them. lol

  16. Oh! I just love Nellie already! What a sweet face she has. Shameful that people would just drop their unwanted pets off like that. I think perhaps they were purring in the bath because they were just so happy to have someone taking care of them.


  17. Drop-offs are a fact of life in some parts of rural America. We acquired our last-no-latest one in April and he is a purebred adult cat that charmed all of us, even the other 4 adult outside cats. I'm always glad to take them as they ask for little except love and food but give back so much more. Bless you!