Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunshine; Blue Sky; COLD Wind!

One of the iris transplanted to the new garden which D. created last September.
The irises in the perennial strip along the drive were nipped in the frost two weeks ago, spoiling their blooms.
Others here and there in the yard were not in full plump bud and escaped the cold.

The wind is fierce again today. I carried the camera with me when I walked down to the mailbox.
I love to watch tall grass ripple in the wind.
You can see a bit of that motion here as the wind whooshes across from the north and sweeps
down the valley.

The early pink peonies which inspired the enlargement of that area for planting.

The tomato plants are snug in the improvised cold frame.
I didn't open the glass today.
The only spot that would have been sheltered from the wind sufficiently to enjoy outdoor work is the area behind the garage--where hopefully there will someday be a greenhouse.
It is just beyond the cold frame to the right.

A self-sown clump of johnny-jump-ups at the edge of the herb garden.

His majesty, Willis, who thought he needed a nap near the fireplace after his many exertions outside in the wind.

G. brought me this fragrant rose yesterday.
I should have taken a photo in daylight as the colors are distorted by the flash.
It is a deeper red, a climber, variety unknown.
Again today I lacked the courage to crouch in the wind to work in the perennials.
It was even too blustery to hang laundry on the clotheslines.
I scurried about the dooryard doing small chores then retreated to the house and made tea in the green teapot and a kettle of chicken soup.
I got out the armful of charity shop cotton shirts which are destined to become quilt blocks to replicate
my g-grandmother Eliza's scrap quilt.
Removing shirt buttons and cutting/ripping the shirts into usable sections is tedious.
Far easier to lay out new fabric and cut the strips to size.
I discarded collars, cuffs, pockets and other oddments in a heap on the floor beside the dining table.
Later intending to gather them up for trash I found that Eggnog-Cat had taken over the pile as a nest.
This evening I carried the stack of salvaged fabric to my sewing area downstairs to be sliced up with the rotary cutter.
I didn't bother to start the wood fire and found that after an hour or so of working, the chill of the basement had crept into my bones.
The current weather is far more seasonable for April than the heat of March which rushed trees and flowers into reckless bloom.
Perhaps by tomorrow the wind will subside and I can fuss over my plants.
If not there is always the quilt, the cats, and tea!


  1. I think Willis has the best idea:) Wind is the one thing that I really don't like to be out in, it really ruffles my feathers.

  2. We have had a return to winter here too - it feels more like February than nearly May. A bitter Northerly wind makes being outdoors unpleasant, and we are back to wearing 5 layers in the house . . .

    My poor seedlings are on strike!

  3. Except for a few days of ridiculously warm weather. it's been very cold and windy here this spring. No work outside here, either. Your peony looks great. I really need to plant a few, as they are one of the most beautiful flowers. Your scrap quilt sounds interesting. I love the idea of re-purposing old clothes into new beautiful quilts.

  4. Windy and much cooler here too, but soon to be warm again. Good luck on the quilt.

  5. I am very excited now, I can't wait to see the cotton turn into a scrap quilt.
    That's a great coincidence that a cupld of days back I showed a strip quilt made of old shirts :-D

  6. Everywhere I have visited today the weather has been topsy-turvy.

  7. We have had a wet, windy night here as stormy weather blows in again. Part of an old wooden pergola has blown down. My tomatoes are also growing well under glass and waiting for better weather.

    Your weather, like ours, sounds perfect for getting on with those "inside jobs". A lovely photo of Willis relaxing in the warm!

  8. It's been unseasonably warm in Colorado, this spring. Our fruit trees bloomed very early. I'm just hoping and praying we don't get a hard freeze.
    You live in a beautiful area!