Sunday, March 18, 2012

A New Blogger in the Family

Cousin Tom has started a blog here:
I didn't really know Tom growing up, as he was born when I was 10 years old.  His Mom is my late Dad's younger sister--she is the "Lizzie' of my family stories. We've connected in recent years and Tom has cheered on my family history project and contributed wonderful tidbits--giving me the missing pieces to puzzles I had pondered.
I had a bad case of camera envy when I read Tom's first post!  I'm realizing that although I could upgrade my camera I don't have Tom's expertise.
He is interested in wild life and nature--knows how to spin a pleasant narrative to explain his great photos.
He says 'written English' isn't his forte, but I'll put up with his unique spelling any day, just to read along.
Do give this guy a visit!


  1. What a lovely guy Tom is! Loved his blog, and left a comment. I really enjoyed the stroll round the market and how I wish I could do the same - it was fascinating to my English eyes.

  2. I looked through the posts on Tom's blog and found them very interesting. I particularly liked the one with the dog and cat.

  3. I have dropped by his blog glad I did.