Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Morning Stroll

The view from the front porch where I sat with my coffee this morning, soaking up lovely sunshine warmth.
It is loud with bee-song beneath the redbuds, a busy humming.

Dogwood bloom against a clear blue sky.
There are fancier hybrids of dogwood.  These were planted by the former owners.
I love the chartreuse-marked creamy white of the petals with the distinctive darker "toothmarks."

The entire dooryard is perfumed by the two straggling viburnams at the north-west corner of the house.
In the autumn I pruned out a strangle of honeysuckle vine that had wound through the bigger viburnum--there is more of it, triumphantly flaunting its leathery green leaves and twisting stems.
I must make time to tackle it before more leaves interfere.

The three apple trees probably date to the time of the earlier house on this property.
They are twisted and over-grown, with grey lichen encrusting the trunks and branches.
The upper branches, long unpruned, overlay one another resembling the clasped arthritic fingers
of an elderly person.
They have set fruit during both of our sumners here, fruit that quickly succumbed to fire blight.
Still, for a week in spring they have a nostalgic sweetness of blossom.

The earliest peonies are displaying plump buds.

This peony, purchased last spring and moved from the lower border to the upper area which Devin created, is showing brave little buds.
There is a possibility of rain this afternoon.  You can see from the look of the soil that it will be welcomed.
I should have worked some peat moss into this spot when we dug it over.

Dogwood with a redbud behind it.

Dogwood--a close-up on the 'macro' setting.

I long to spend every possible moment outside, heedless of housework,
content to stave off starvation with a mug of tea, a handful of crackers, a stout slice of cheese, an apple.
I am grumpy at having to devote myself to preparation of income tax data.
The well-organized person would keep up with ledger entries by the month, smugly producing the totals by mid-January.
[I doubt anyone would categorize me as organized!]
I have sowed a small flat of sweet banana peppers, potted on a cutting from an heirloom geranium, watered the tomato seedlings. 
I have ordered online seeds, as well as flea doses for the cats.
I have visited Pebbles the Horse.
The dooryard entices me with scents and sights. I can walk only a few yards without bending to sniff  a blossom, pluck a weed or two, admire a fresh green shoot poking from the earth.
I have a story or two to write, some genealogy research to pursue.
I have invited Gina and Devin to supper--knowing that will motivate me to prepare 'real food.'
The table is strewed with adding machine, pens, ledger, invoices, receipts--all it needs is for me to
get on with it!


  1. Lovely photos which really say "spring". As you observed, being outside is very absorbing, so much to see and do.

  2. I'm with you! I want to be outside as much as I can, although I hope it does rain soon. Crackers and cheese sounds like perfect meal. Hope you get a big refund from your taxes!

  3. As we have a viewing on Saturday, this is one of my extremely Organized weeks, where I go flat out to catch up on all the jobs which were meant to be finished by Easter (in case of viewings) and have now been rushed forward a week!

    Your garden is looking so pretty. Is your Magnolia not scented? Ours is absolutely overpowering (M. stellata).

  4. Spring is beautiful isn't it and when the sun is shining and the sky is blue it's natural to want to be outside in it after the long grey days of winter.

  5. Who'd want to do housework when you can enjoy a morning stroll like that?

  6. The header is breath-taking.

    I empathize with you - I'd love to be outside but am committed to getting taxes finished this week. I e-filed mine yesterday and will try to get my daughter's filed tomorrow.

  7. It looks beautiful there! Too bad summer has to come, wish it could just stay like it is. My husband does the taxes, quarterly, and then a reconciliation in April, but I have to help hunt down papers. Each year we say we'll be better organized, but it hasn't happened yet.

  8. gorgeous spring pics sharon! isnt it a lovely time of year!

    Leanne x

  9. Lovely photos of everything coming alive this spring in your garden; envy the rain though it is very dry in this part of the world.

  10. Gorgeous photos the colours ...good luck with all that paperwork.xx

  11. Hi Sharon
    Found your blog from Briony's and was very interested in your beautiful view and then WHAM...saw all those gorgeous cats. Please tell us more about them. Beautiful blog. I'm your new follower from Ontario, Canada. Deb=^..^=x6