Thursday, March 15, 2012

Favorite Things

I have found that through the many cares and perplexities of life, the habit of noticing small things in nature or in my home or garden often lifts my spirits.
There is so much to admire, to marvel over, to ponder.
Spring is such a wonderful time to enjoy the renewal of life and hope.
Above, the swelling buds of the sweet gum tree [liquidambar] against a blue sky.
Shy heads of narsissus.

Blossoms on the dwarf white peach.

A close up of peach blossom.

These were taken as the sun was sliding away behind the woods.

The Old-Timey Pear tree is more than a century old.
The sprawling lop-sided shape is typical of these trees.
I've learned to spot them standing in a distant field or in the dooryard of an old farm.

Pear blossoms--cool and fragrant.

Cats are always a wonder--as well as mischievous companions.
When I opened the curtains on Wednesday morning, there was his majesty, Willis, catching the morning rays from the roof of the tractor canopy.

Eggs have the most satisfyingly smooth shapes.
During spring and summer we buy eggs from a friend at our church.
Each time I open the carton I enjoy the colors of the shells: the usual white or pale beige, the shades of blue-green, reddish and deep brown.
What small joys have lightened your days this week?


  1. Beautiful smooth and colorful fresh eggs and peach blossom -- almost as good as real fresh sweet peaches, my absolutely favorite fruit. The last peach of the season is a sad moment for me!

  2. Lovely photos and the first blossom is certainly what brings pleasure to me. Tadpole-watching too (!) and the deep joy of getting out in the garden to tidy up, pot on, pot up and sow seeds once more. Putting the greenhouse up yesterday. Watching wild birds and noticing the early spring flowers begin to flower or just sprout through the soil in the case of the wild garlic (Ramsons).

  3. *** I have found that through the many cares and perplexities of life, the habit of noticing small things in nature or in my home or garden often lifts my spirits. ***

    I feel the same way. Bird song in the morning, gentle breezes, sweet scents, seeing a new blossom.

    Your eggs look wonderful.


  4. those eggs look too good to break. I used to buy them from afriend before she moved and they were all colours and sizes, I loved them.

    A source of pleasure this week has been the tiny grape hyacinths in the garden and the patience of my old dog when having her suit on and off :-)

  5. I agree with ChrisJ that fresh eggs and peach blossoms are among the prettiest things in the world.

  6. I believe the same as you. This week I saw a beautiful fox along sauntering along the road. I stopped and watched him for several minutes. Such a beautiful creature. The dark gray sky meeting the blue sea with whitecaps crashing against the shore was another delight for this week. As always, thank you for sharing you wonderful soothing way with words and imagery!

  7. I don't think I have seen green eggs before but they look wonderful.
    Yes, like you, just looking at the tiny buds on the trees and the tender red leaves unfurling on my rose bushes all give me a lovely feeling inside.
    I love the old pear tree, in fact I love trees full stop..

  8. Lovely pics I love blossom and the spring flowers,enjoy.Love Jill xx

  9. I love all of your "favorites"! Willis made me laugh! I love the caption with him.


  10. I know exactly what you mean - there's always something beautiful to see in the natural world.
    I love all the different colours of the eggs.

  11. Thank you for the comments.
    I haven't had as much time as I would like this week to write, but comments are appreciated--and so often lead my thoughts on pleasant meandering excursions.