Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Early Evening

The sun was disappearing behind the woods with the last glow of light reflected toward the sky in the east.
I used the 'night' setting on the camera for these outdoor shots.
The moon was just visible through the tree branches though it doesn't show well here.

The day began with bright sun and calm blue skies over frost-sparkled grass.
Birds were busy at the feeders when I pulled back the heavy curtain over the sliding door.
The cats had a quick airing before I shut the door and went to poke up the fire.
By noon the temperature stood at 64 F with a light wind that billowed the wash on the lines.
I made a quick run to the junction to Wal Mart for cat litter [!] to keep us decent until we can do our larger monthly shopping.
I indulged in a hot rotisserie chicken, a loaf of fresh garlic bread and tomatoes for slicing.
It doesn't do to shop too near meal time!
It was a good choice as J. was out and about on his own errands and it is difficult to plan a
hot dinner at such times.
I made a batch of my favorite chocolate chip brownies and put the kettle on for tea.
I pulled the brownies from the oven just as I heard the distinctive bellow of old
Snort'n Nort'n coming up the drive.
I sliced bread and tomatoes, set out homemade pickles and mayo while J. sliced the still warm chicken, over-seen by Raisin the Cat.
After supper J. fired up the Troybilt tiller and had another session in the upper garden, while
I brought in laundry that smelled of sun and wind.

My last trip from the clothesline coincided with the rising of the moon in the soft evening sky.
The cool damp scent of awakened earth quickly takes over when the warmth of the sun has gone.

I had noticed this particular daffodil with it tumble of frilled petals.
Almost too dark for a good photo.
I was playing with the macro setting in an attempt to thwart Sally-cat who wanted to stick her
tail into the photo.

Willis sat alert at the edge of the area planted with daffs and iris.
Following his intent gaze I saw that the Marmalade Tom was paying another visit.
Marmalade is rather a splendid creature who sturts and calls in an imperious way.
Thankfully, he hasn't seemed to molest Willis and the tortie sisters.

Willis under the sweet-gum tree, still watchful in the gathering dusk.

This clump of daffs is naturalized beyond the clothesline.
The flowers have a distinct green tinge this year.
I'm wondering if its due to the cold blowy weather just as they began to open.

Inside to my desk, with the company of five cats behind me on the bed.
We've endured naughty feline behaviors in the week since Maisie was put down.
The tornado watches came along shortly after her death and I believe this has added
to the distress which occurs within a group of animals when one of their number goes away.
Cats know things.

Mrs. Beasley, who is getting on a bit, has behaved quite erratically in the past week.
She has long been the lowest cat in the established pecking order.
Now she menances Willow and Wilbur--the only ones who
respect her presence.
Willow is given to loud 'blue-murder' shrieks whether Mrs B.'s paw connects with her or not.

The camera flash rouses the sleeping group.
Eggnog in back, Mima on the right and
Teasel [aka Mamma's Darling] glowering in front.

Chester has returned to roll and stretch prompting a group exercise of face washing.
Outside the wind is stirring the branches of the trees;
not a wind to worry about, but one that makes me glad for the snug house, the wood fire and the
kettle always ready for a mug of tea.


  1. So nice to have an update on all the cats. They are all so beautiful. A cup of tea in front of the fire surrounded by cats sounds wonderful -- and fresh brownies too! Bliss.

  2. I seem to have missed lots of your recent posts. Never mind, I've just had an enjoyable time catching up on your news and that of your adorable cats. I don't officially have a cat but, especially in summer, I have an endless stream of feline visitors to my garden.

  3. Cat behaviour is always fascinating isn't it? I can spend hours just watching what's going on.

  4. thankyou for a lovely heart warming post.
    I don't always comment but know that I always read.


  5. You write such beautiful descriptive posts. I always feel as though I had been there for a visit.

  6. Look at all of your felines. What a group. Sorry about Maisie.

    Enjoy your daffs, your critters and your wonderful countryside. I sure hope no tornadoes visit you.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. That photograph of the moon is just so beautiful. You make the most ordinary of days seem magical!

  8. I am having the same behavior here too, losing a few and now the pecking order is disrupted/lost/? whatever. On top of springy weather, time change, and whatever else the alignment of the planets have in mind, so its squabbling, and very naughty attitudes.
    Tea and clothing, browies, hung out on the line that smells wonderful, sounds like heaven to me.
    I have been worried about you and the storms that were down your way.

  9. A peaceful-sounding day. Sorry the pussums are upset by Maisie's loss (and the subsequent storms). Alfie was looking around for Gypsy today, as they were used to cuddling up together and she was an Aunty to all the boys.

    Brownies - couldn't I just eat a couple right now?!

  10. So very sorry about your loss of dear Maisie. Yes, when one goes the whole pecking order changes as they try to make sense of the absence of one who has always been there. Sadly, we have had this happen 3 times over the last year. The cats aren't used to it and neither am I.

  11. I was sorry to hear that Maisie has gone. Maybe Mrs Beasley has now ascended the pecking order and is trying out her new leadership skills?!

    What a wonderful pile of cats to have with you as you work at your desk.

    The full moon is lovely here tonight.

  12. Nothing more homely than a 'cuddle' of cats. I wish I'd been over for you meal followed by brownies ...yum. Brownies are something I cannot master.

  13. Chris; Cats are indeed good company. Its why we endure some of the bad behavior. Sitting in my rocker seems an instant invitation for the felines who appreciate a lap. Then I have to juggle a cat with a mug of tea!

    John; I'm glad you came by to catch-up--and I'm glad to hear you have garden cats!

    Al; I enjoy quietly watching the cat antics--I suspect we do tend to anthropomorphize as we interpret what they are doing. [Goodness, isn't there a shorter word for that?]

    Briony: We cat lovers always enjoy the posts of our blogging friends which feature cats. And yes, I sometimes read without commenting--should find a way to leave a 'calling card' on my wordless days!

    Lillian; One of the things I'm enjoying about your visits is knowing that you have some familiarity with my terrain.

    FL; 'What a group' indeed! I was sorry I couldn't do more for Maisie, but her few years with us was far better than the alternative.

    Jane; I was blessed to grow up around folks who noticed the beauty in the ordinary. I absorbed that habit of looking for quiet marvels and it has stood me in good stead.

    Denim; The storms here were scary and its only the beginning of the season. I'm sure that as you've come to the aide of cats who needed nuturing you've had many opportunites to witness some of their strange behaviors [strange to humans, that is!]

    BB; I think your 'boys' will miss their 'cat-aunty' for quite some time--as will you!

    Marilyn; Several years ago we lost 5 cats in about 18 months--2 were elderly, but the others should have had more healthy years ahead. Maisie was such a shadowy personality that I'm surprised the impact her passing has had on the cat family.

    DW; Mrs. B.'s behavior is puzzling. She's quite a 'loner' and I'm the only human she seems to love. She alternates between beligerence and a Uriah Heepish cringing.

    Angie; I like that phrase--a cuddle of cats! The brownie recipe is one I reconnected with while sorting cookbooks several months ago. I posted it on the blog at that time. If you can work with the US measurements or know how to convert, its worth a try. I added dried cherries to this batch--telling myself that makes the treat really nutritious!