Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Project Completed

I stitched the outer borders onto this quilt yesterday--a venture that was postponed when my steam iron
"died" after heating to an impossible temperature.
J. was on an errand in town, so I phoned him and asked if he would pick up a new iron.
He was hesitant, considering that he had little experience with such an  appliance.
I fumed about, picking up a few items in my sewing area, not really making a dent in the untidyness which accompanies my creative efforts.
Minutes after returning home J. announced that the "fitting" he had brought from the hardware store didn't 'fit', so off we went to town again.
Luckily Ace Hardware had a suitable replacement iron, so I wandered around the store looking at paint sample cards, scented candles and bird feeders while J. had a lengthy ponder in the plumbing aisle.

Stitching borders on a large quilt is rather tedious, but I was pleased to call the project done, neatly pressed and spread out on the big bed to get the full effect.
The blocks are comprised of two of my favorite quilting elements: Sawtooth Stars in the center and 'logs' arranged around the edges in Courthouse Steps.
Because I have used many different fabrics this quilt would be considered a 'scrap quilt' by quilters in the know.  I've never been tempted by the idea of simply using colors at random as they might be pulled out of a 'scrap bag'..the definition of a true scrap quilt.
If you'll note, the many fabrics in this quilt are in related color families of old gold, warm browns, deep reds and muted greens.
I'm now looking into the options for machine quilting.

I have been assisted at various stages by interested felines.
Here is Willis who ventured downstairs on a chilly evening to 'help.'

When asked to kindly remove from the ironing board where he was shedding tweedy hairs on a stack of blocks which awaited pressing, Willis responded with an owlish glare. I hoisted him off and delivered him upstairs to watch TV with J.

Detail of a finished block.
Common sense would dictate that I spend several hours reorganizing my work space before turning to another project.  My mind teems with projects!
The weather, dank and rainy, is ideal for creative crafting.
Come time to garden, my hours and my energies will need to go toward planting, weeding, tending flowers, putting up fruit and vegetables.
As long as the beds are made, laundry done, bathrooms presentable, I can always postpone the task of serious tidying.
Beef stew is bubbling on the stove, filling the house with a warm and homely fragrance.
I was out earlier, booted and suited, to fetch in my kindling and take out the kitchen waste.
The cats have clean litter boxes.
I'm headed dowstairs, to work in my welter of books and fabric.


  1. That is a stunning quilt ...I love the colours and fabrics. I hope you had a great day rumaging through fabrics and flicking through books ...you deserve it ...you work so hard at everything ...thats why your feline companions love to help you xx

  2. Beautiful. I love those controlled scrap quilts the best. You are very talented!

  3. Just gorgeous! what a fabulous job you did, well done. I know how much work goes into each and every block, from the planning, cutting and piecing, right through to getting the borders on and making the sandwich. I am keen to see how you will quilt this now.
    A project to be proud of.

  4. That's so beautiful and what a complimenting palette of colours too. I want to do something creative quilt-wise, but have been gardening today instead, to try and get everything done before Easter when we MAY get a viewer . . .

  5. Another beautiful quilt! I think you must have a spatial/mathematical mind to be able to create such lovely designs. Clever colour matching too. It must be a very satisfying craft.

  6. Oh Willis looks quite imposing as always!!!I do love that quilt, the colors are perfect in your house!! Go mommy!!

  7. I do not think that is the BEST color pallette for Willis though!!

  8. Poor WILa BURRRR he looks like he is being tortured in his picture! Dosnt he want to look a little bit better for his public?? Odd cat! I continue to beleive he has a personality disorder and he needs an I.E.P. or at the very least time in the resource room!!!

  9. Lovely color scheme for your new quilt.And Pebbles is looking stunningly sleek. What a beauty!

  10. That's my favorite kind of quilt - scrappy with warm colors. It's just beautiful.
    Lillian @ lillianscupboard.wordpress.com

  11. Wonderful quilt, you are quite talented! i love Ace, our local one is like an old time general store selling everything from Avon products to building supplies.

  12. That's amazing. I can't begin to imagine how you begin to create something so beautiful, and useful. I'd be about as much help as Willis!

  13. I really love that quilt both the design and the colours. I'm sure that Willis' help was invaluable:)

  14. Stunning quilt, so neat, a lovely piece of handiwork that will live on. x

  15. sharon- its lovely! I doubt my sewing will ever be that skillful!
    I am sure you valued Willis's input really, he is a rather splendid cat afterall!

    Leanne x