Monday, December 12, 2011

The On-Going Exploits of Willis

Willis [who has the official designation of Barn Cat] slipped into the house this afternoon when J. left on an errand.  About an hour later I discovered that he had taken over J.'s desk.

Willis appears to feel that the "mouse" should be guarded at all times.

It's the right shape--but not very lively.

Willis lounges imperturbably, while surrounded with J.'s tools of connection to the outside world:
the tv remote; the laptop; the portable phone.


  1. I know who is boss in your house!
    Where is Wilbur's photo? I hope that nothing has happened to him.

  2. Clearly not a cat who accepts labels like 'barn cat' lightly.....

  3. I laughed at the sight of cute Barn Cat loose in the house. Wonder what he thought! Maybe, "yippeee, I'm IN"!