Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Hard Working Cat

Willis the Cat confides in daughter G. explaining how he feels that someone
should take on guard duty, keep tabs on the pampered indoor cats, monitor how much kibble is being consumed daily from the self-feeder, in short, a watch-cat is an essential part of a well-run household.

The antique wooden dough bowl makes an effective hide.
A cat on duty can have a wee snooze and then pop up with
a startling "A-HA!" which announces that he was here all the time!

There are times when even the most concerned and alert cat has to take a break!

"Don't worry, I can hear in my sleep and my eyes were only closed for a moment!"

It has been nearly a year since the lean stripy kitten rode into the yard as a passenger on J.'s 4-wheeler.
He alighted with aplomb, settled his stripes and announced, "The name's Willis!"
Willis was told he could stay as a resident of the barn, sharing the dooryard and the accomodations with the recently installed tortie sisters.
The torties, Sadie and Sally, are perfectly content with their lot as outdoor cats.
They divide their time between the two big barns, keep us company in the garden, make visits to the porch.
Willis does all that, but early on decided that he needed to check out the domestic arrangements
of the house as well.
While he doesn't care to take on the indoor cat tribe, he's not overly intimidated by their stares of superiority.
By October he had claimed a corner by the fireplace, rearranged a section of the shelf above it to his satisfaction.  He sashays in and out through the day as he pleases.
The vantage point of the fridge and the really high point on the cupboard top
are something he has very recently discovered.
I think his tabby stripes have matured to a rather "tweedy" look.
[I imagine him in an old-fashioned flat-topped cap with a dashing pair of 'plus-fours' and matching waistcoat.]
He definitely lords it over his female companions, pouncing at them from behind a bush, or dropping from a tree limb to confront them on the path to the garden.
Likewise, he lets us know that he expects certain things from us--we are meant to cater to his wily whims.
Being putty in his paws, we do just that!


  1. He sounds such a character, and like our little Banshee, obviously has a soft spot for high places. In addition, Ban will change her sleeping place every couple of weeks, because of Predators you know . . .

    Willis certainly had ambitions to be a dual purpose guard cat (that's inside AND outside of the home . . .) Bless him - aren't you glad you have him?!

  2. Cute post and what a handsome tabby Willis is. They certainly do worm their way into our hearts and homes.


  3. That Willis has spunk---and I like spunk! He is certainly a confident little fellow and that is probably a big part of his charm. So glad he is lucky enough to live with you.

  4. That long, almost oriental face...Willis has to be Lucy Cat`s transatlantic cousin. They are so alike in looks ad in attitude!

  5. What a little character. He is a "Willis".
    Have a great week.

  6. I cant believe it is a year since he entered your lives ...he is so gorgoeus and such a character.

    My geography is not very good ...I do hope you are far from the hurricane and safe. xx

  7. Sharon- I just love willis! he is a perfect cat isnt he? he decided to live with you- so he did. he decided to come indoors as well- so he did. It sounfs like he isnt just guard cat, but that he is 'in charge' cat as well!

    happy anniversary willis!
    I wish you many long happy years with his fabulous company sharon!

    Leanne x

  8. I love to see your cat pics!

  9. He certainly knows he's 'in with the bricks' doesn't he with that smug look....

  10. Amazing that it's been a whole year since Willis arrived! I love all the pictures of him, especially the one with the sleepy paw draped down from the top of the fridge.

  11. It's a hard life being a cat; so much resposibility; so many tough decisions. I don't know how Willis copes!