Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cats Enduring Hot Weather

Willis, who has house privileges, has a favorite spot--behind J.'s recliner with his back to
the fireplace cupboard.
I left the doors open while moving books and returned to find his majesty in with the books, doubtless improving his mind while it is too hot to do catly things outdoors.

Easier to read the titles in this position.

So, where are the books about CATS?
[They have a shelf to themselves in the big cupboard downstairs.]

Some of us prefer the bedroom and have learned there are two A/C
vents along the east wall.

We who live in the small office/guest room have decided that white porcelain
has cooling qualities!
Wilbur sprawls on the toilet tank while Willow composes herself on the lid.


  1. Aren't cats clever? yours are all so lovely.

  2. I must say that Willow and Wilbur are growing into beautiful cats.
    We have the heat over here at the moment and ours are all very lethargic.

  3. arent they all beautiful? Willis is a handsome chap, and the new kittens are so pretty. All were strays who turned up, do you think they could be related- they look a little alike?

    The original house cats are beautiful too!!

    Leanne x

  4. Ours prefers the middle of the kitchen floor, particularly when we're cooking.

  5. cats always find the warmest spot in winter and the coolest one in summer. They are soooo smart. Willow and Wilber are growing up so fast and Willis is becoming well educated in the library!

  6. Willis Wilbur and Willow are beautiful animals ...and willis has won my heart ...there is something about him. How are the 'Originals' coping with the newbees ...and the heat.xx

  7. Lovely cats in cool places.

    I have just posted photos of Lucy, who looks like an English cousin to Willis, although her stripes are more deeply marked.

    It is warm here today and all the cats are sunbathing in sunny windows.

  8. Oh this cheered me up no end. Bless them all. i sent you an e-mail today - I hope it reached you.