Friday, July 1, 2011

They've Done It Again!

The king and queen of yardsales were on the road early this morning, having discovered that no less than 35 advertised yard sales were on starting at 7 a.m.
They roared in to our yard about noon with the back of the pickup full, as well as the back seat of the cab.
M. had a vintage dove-tailed wooden box crammed with blingy baubles; they had porch planters, a hanging quilt rack still in the box, more framed prints--a list too long for me to remember.
Here is G. showing off her special treasures from the second round:
a couple a ridge or two away have retired from a custom drapery and soft furnishings business and were selling off the samples. Gina [who doesn't sew--but says she could] snapped up some 300+ chunks of fine fabric in coordinating lines.

Fodder for quilts, cushions, shams, placemats--you name it, we are intending to produce it!
How about bags and carry-alls? Table runners?

G. is enthused about the yellow flower print.

"Take more photos, Mom"--"These are to show the Smith girls!"

I felt I was entitled to this lovely chunk of rose-patterned linen!

The lady selling the fabrics invited G. into her home and showed her the decor,
"threw in" a toile bedskirt which matches this big piece of fabric.
Who do you suppose will be measuring up for the pillow shams?

I was requested to take  a shot with all the fabric pieces draped on the truck.
The sellers chatted in the friendly way of Southerners, and declared that their grand daughter is one of the young ladies who came home enthralled with the "new boy" at the high school--none other than grandson D.
As conversation developed the connection was made with the Columbia Magazine photos and stories featuring "Snort'n Nort'n" and Willis the Barn Cat.
It pays to be related!---even to a cat!

D. hamming it up--he has caught perfectly the stance of the local auction barn assistant.

Oh, and to finish, a pretty rug for what is becoming known as the "rose room"--Gina's private lair
in the new house.
I really think these two will need to open their own shop of collectable wares!


  1. Didn`t they do well! I can see you and G having hours of creative fun with all those lovely fabrics.

  2. Wow much material ....yes I think you may be doing some sewing soon ...she did get a wonderful bargain ...and that rug is beautiful.
    Are you going to tell your GS that the girls have crushes on him lol. xx

  3. lol, what a successful morning! :-)

    leanne x

  4. That is quite a haul! I love the rose fabric and the rug as well.

  5. Given that we've been trying to de-junk, I can't say I feel comfortable watching all that stuff going IN to a house..........

    A part of me thinks she'll regret it later. lol,