Saturday, July 2, 2011

My "Find" from the Girls' Day Out

I really mulled whether to buy this quilt rack.
The tole painting is nicely done [I took classes and did tole painting rather well at one time.]
My concern was the orange tone of the paint--I'm into dark reds.
The quality of the rack finally won out.
Matt has just put it up for me on the wall in this room--which is both guest room and the space with my PC.
The quilt is one I made about 8 years ago from a line of Robyn Pandolph fabrics.
I drafted the pattern by looking at a tiny quilt mag ad for the fabric.

M. suggests I should put some of the bigger china cats on the ledge--we're assuming the resident felines won't leap from the bed to the quilt rack!


  1. Looks great! If your cats are like mine they'll clear the shelf to make a larger resting area.

  2. How wonderful that rack is ...I have never seen one before ... not sure they sell/make them over here ...but they are are a perfect addition to a room. Yes that shelf is perfect for your ornaments ....and felines too amazes me how high they leap and onto very narrow ledges too.

  3. That quilt rack is a lovely find and your quilt looks wonderful with it. You did a fine job making your quilt.


  4. I have never seen one in England, but I have wanted one since you showed the one your husband made you.

  5. A fine rack and a fine quilt - clever old you!

  6. I like the quilt rack -- and the quilt. But the rack is a very pleasing design.

  7. The quilt rack is nice and the quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I'm a less is more kind of person so I wouldn't put anything at all on the shelf.