Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Kittens Are Thriving

We are two days short of two weeks since the [first] capture of the boy kitten, whom I call Wilbur.
Willow, the dainty girl, arrived about three days after her brother.
[How did they get here?]
The kittens are still shy--still skittering beneath the bed when we enter this room.
They have learned that I bring tinned food [yummy, fishy, smelly!] first thing in the morning, and are able to overcome their suspicions of me as a hulking human.
I stroke their little backs as they eat.

During our house renovations last summer we removed a long mirror from our bedroom door and, for want of a better place, slid it under the guest room bed.
The kittens find the glass a cool place to recline on these sweltering days.
That's Willow gazing at the camera with her brother's feet propped over her side.
[And no, I didn't choose red carpet--it was here when we bought the house and still in decent enough condition that J. didn't replace it when he put down wood floors in the other rooms.  One of these days....]

Wilbur is stouter than his sister.
You can see that the scrape on his nose has healed nicely.
The kittens eat prodigiously [and poop in their litter likewise!]

Both kittens have "filled out" on a diet of Purina Kitten Chow supplemented with a tablespoon of tinned food once or twice per day.  More than that doesn't set well.
Willow has tiny little bones.  When we rescued her, there was not much weight to her.
Both kittens are now sleek and their fur is silky.

I was in here at my desk quite a bit last week which gave the kittens some familiarity with my presence.
Although they still don't come rushing to be petted, there have been overtures--peeking from under the bed, almost wistful looks.  If picked up they purr--but dutifully rather than joyfully.

I've had several sessions at the computer today and was happily surprised to feel a small furry form weaving about my sandaled feet.  I thought it was a fluke at first. 
When a tiny tail curled round my ankle again I picked up Willow and cuddled her.  This time her purr was different. She looked into my face, arched her spine to the gentle stroke of my hand, snuggled against me for a few moments.

Willow came to me again as I was preparing this post.
These last three photos were managed as she lay in my lap

It was dusk and I hadn't opened the shutters to the cooler [slightly cooler!] night air or turned on the light, but you can see what a pretty kitten she is becoming.
Wilbur--who had to be trapped twice in the Hav-a-Hart--is still rather wary--but he knows where-of [or who-of] he is fed.  Progress!


  1. Beautiful kittens! I love to read about their updates.


  2. They are indeed pretty and that tiny Willow has all the signs of becoming a real sweetheart. Do we need more cats--oh dear!

  3. I used to have a kitten that would lie on its back under my bed, then reach up with its paws, stick its claws in the underside of the bed, and run around upside-down! Very entertaining as long as you weren't trying to sleep at the time! So glad your kittens are doing well.

  4. I have a suspicion you are in FAR too deep for rehoming them now! What pretty kittens they are, especially Willow. I'm glad no more have been dumped on your land . . .

  5. It is difficult with semi feral cats, ours had a feral father who still visits occasionally, the problem is they do not like being picked up. We still keep trying but they are not happy. I am hoping that if we keep going, as they get older they will give in.

  6. well done Sharon, for your patience and perseverance. the kittens are beautiful, and thanks to you, now have a secure future.

    Leanne x

  7. Well you worked your magic, as I knew you would and now they have a very firm place in your heart.They are just adorable.

  8. They are beautiful ...I love the grey stripey markings. I asume you are going to make them indoor ones ...if your others will accept them. Really enjoy the up dates ...and in answer to the question you posed in the comments ...Yes lol xx

  9. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Feeding them and petting and talking to them while they are eating is what tamed our wild babies. I love them all, each having a different personality, and their own personal meows. I think you're two are real cuties and the fact that Willow came around your ankles then let you pick her up means she's definitely liking you and her new home.

    Enjoy your newest feline family members.


  10. How cute! I love kittens, in my weaker moments I think about getting more cats, but finally come to my senses. If we lived where we could have outdoor cats I'd have more. I envy you!

  11. The kittens are so pretty and look very happy,well done.Love Jill xx

  12. Of course you need more cats MM! How could you resist when these two are doing so well and gradually bonding with you?

    They are both so pretty. Enjoy them!

  13. Absolutly adorable.
    Willow is the spitting image of my little Runt that I lost a few weeks ago. Wonderful to see her image again in a young kitten's body.
    Just like me, find room somewhere.
    I just spotted a very tiny black/tabby kitten on my porch this morning, I know the feeling.

  14. I think they have found kitty-heaven. Well, who doesn't need more cats?!! They look beautiful. Do your other indoor cats mind all the shenanigans going on under their noses? I'm so glad you have given them , at least protection if not a permanent home --yet!

  15. THey really are gorgeous kittens, so glad that Willow is starting to show some affection for you, I'm sure they will both be your devoted slaves before much longer. Or perhaps it will be the other way round:):)

  16. And there is daughter G with her first -ever blog comment--see how easy that was!

  17. Willow looks like a cat named Peach I used to have, She was a tiny smoky girl with fainter stripes and a peach colored face, white socks and a peach tail tip.
    I don't think she weighed more than a pound even though she was about 7 years-old when I last saw her.
    She was a feral also.