Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kitten Update

In this photo you can see that the kittens have discovered the "loft" area of their cage.

Firstly, a huge "thank-you" for the many supportive comments re the last post!
If I didn't know it before, I can now verify that cat lovers are much the same the world over.
We sigh and groan, but we take in the strays and hope for the best--and hope that the parade of new-comers is over for this round!
Daughter G. has been to visit and crooned and cuddled, but knows that taking on another feline wouldn't be a good thing just now.
One of their dogs--perhaps in response to the uproar of moving--has taken to expressing himself with puddles on the basement floor. He began doing it during their stay here--whenever he felt that they had gone out and left him with us. He doens't need more stress in his life.
The kittens seem resigned to the cage--they don't thrash or claw to get out.
Mostly they eat, sleep, and poop in the litter box which I constantly clean for them.
I''ve found a deeper plastic box for the litter today, but they still manage to fling it into the water bowl.
We had them out this morning with the room door shut--a good thing as they are still very skittish about being caught.  They holed up under the bed and it took both of us peering under and poking gently with a yardstick to flush them out.

Once captured, they both submit to being held.  Nervous purrs, much flexing of tiny paws.
Here J. cuddles the girl kitten--whom I'm calling "Willow" after the cat in a book
which my grandchildren loved. 
We took the kittens out this evening to the fenced cat yard which J. created to "air" the big cats.  I hoped the pair would run about and stretch after the confinement of the cage.  Mostly they huddled in a grassy corner.  Willis positioned himself outside the fence and stared at them fixedly.
Can't let them loose in the house to be hissed at and bullied by the established residents or
to hide up in the basement.
I'm thinking within a week they should be easier with us and can graduate to the cat yard during the day--with supervision.


  1. I once asked our kennels why they didn't give cats a larger area to be boarded and they told me that cats put in a new place just huddle in a corner, so I guess your cats are doing par for the course. They look so sweet. You've really got your hands full.

  2. I'm sure the kittens will settle down pretty quickly especially if they are letting you hold them. Willow is a really beautiful cat isn't she?

  3. Compassion for animals (or people) is no bad thing to have and as far as I'm concerned, people who DON'T like animals are to be treated with suspicion!

    Willow was the name of our last Whippet, so I approve of your choice! It sounds like they are starting to realize that they're not going to be chased away or hurt, and that only nice things happen at your house. I take it they will eventually be barn cats to join the other two?

  4. I'm always hopeful that no stray cats or kittens will find us because if they do I know we'll take them in. Your kittens are lucky to have found you. I'm with you on irresponsible pet owners. Our present cat came from the local pound already spayed, a local vet had an intern who wanted practice and spayed or neutered every cat in the place for free.

  5. They really are beautiful.
    I'm sure your patience will be rewarded.

  6. Willow ~ What a sweet name for a cat.

    Your newbies sure are a sweet looking pair.

    It won't take long for them to feel comfortable with all the love and food they are receiving.

    Do you have a picture of your fenced in cat yard? I'm thinking about one and am gathering ideas.

    Have a lovely week.