Sunday, July 3, 2011

Garden Stalkers

The intense heat, to be expected in July, is with us.
A hazy morning quickly became a stifling noon.
We could use a gentle rain.
J. discovered that a 4-legged visitor [or 2] had been on a rampage in the early sweet corn.

The ground is too dry to reveal any paw or hoof prints, but raccoons are the
suspected marauders.

This is a holiday weekend and farm supply stores are probably not open tomorrow [Monday, July 4th.]
J. dismantled the fencing from the cat yard and put it around the row of corn.

The upper garden is snugly fenced and we have talked of proper fencing for this "piece" just below the perennial beds.  Hopefully the make-shift fence will discourage nocturnal visitors long enough for the corn to ripen.


  1. Happy 4th of July ...hope the fence keeps the critters away.xx

  2. Those racoons are not easily discouraged! Our squirels and tree rats must eat about half the bird seed we set out.

  3. I hope the prison fencing works! We had to do this with last year`s broccoli plants which were being attacked by rabbits and pigeons.

    Enjoy your 4th July holiday!

  4. Be a shame to lose all that lovely corn to thieves and vandals however may legs they have:) Happy Independence Day!

  5. Good luck on discouraging the raccoons. They not only steal stuff from our garden they bring it up to the pool to wash it. LOL

  6. Somewhat comforting to know I am not the only person tormented by these pesky thieves!!! They have invaded my cat's sanctuary in the garage. We have seen their muddy tracks. Can't shut the garage door as they, the cats, use it at will. Can't use a humane trap because my blind cat could get trapped. Read that baby powder sprinkled where they walk will deter them and that seemed to work somewhat.

  7. It's just slugs causing mayhem here. If I had racoons come visiting, I think OH might be out there with a rifle . . .