Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poppy Daze

Those who tire quickly of endless flower photos will likely abandon me through the summer.
Flowers, cultivated and wild, have captivated me since childhood.
The 12 years in arid Wyoming have made me more appreciative of the relative success of a flower garden in a land where it rains.

Each opening poppy charms me as much as did the first of the season.

Frilled petals emerging.

The first of this color to bloom.
I'm reminded of my grandmother's garnet ring.

Pink frills.

This was an appealing moment in the blooming of the poppy with the green "cap" not quite forced off by the expanding of the bud.

The poppies are at their best in the dewy morning hours before the heat crisps the petals.

This has been the most prevalent color to date.

This one opened on a shorter stemmed plant.

Beautiful for only a few hours.

The petals were curiously cupped on this one.

I love the smudgy dark blotches.

Bursting at the bud.

A new color and form waiting for me this morning.

The dazzling face of the poppy.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful pictures, I for one will not get fed up with flower photo's, I just love flowers of all kinds including a lot of the so called weeds.
    The best thing about poppies is that they self sew and the next year you are sure to see them again.
    I love the last raggedy one.
    Keep taking the pics, I love them.

  2. Oh wow - especially to that last zany one! How special is that?!

  3. Briony: I'd love to see what your needle artistry could do with a poppy bloom. I'm hoping the poppies will self sow and colonize.

  4. Poppies are always gorgeous - I saw my first red field poppy this morning poking its head up among a field of oats. A little burst of colour in a sea of green.

  5. I always love to see your flowers! I only have the orange poppies which I do love. I love to see all of the varierty you have. So pretty! I love the last one, it doesn't even look like a poppy.


  6. Just Beautiful! Almost as beautiful as the cats!

  7. Poppies are beautiful and happy! Much like daisies I think. Just can't be around poppies and not smile. Beautiful pics...thanks for sharing.


  8. How beautiful ...seeing the stages fron bud to flower ...the 'shaggy' one is amazing...never seen a poopy like that.