Tuesday, June 28, 2011

G. and M. Have Been Hanging Pictures!

Whenever I visit  G and M's "new" house I am invited [exhorted] to see the
latest decorating efforts.
When I stopped to collect G. this morning, a picture hanging frenzy was in full swing.
[M. is extremely meticulous about such things, armed with ruler as well as with hammer.]
This is a corner of the dining room.
I'm losing track of which bits and pieces G. has owned for years and which have been cannily acquired
in the past two months of haunting auctions and yard sales.
[This is very fertile country for collectors.]

A clock and a framed piece of crewel-work hang over a vintage cake carrier.
The scruffy blue chair was in this house when we bought it; I relegated it to the basement--where G. discovered it and pounced.
G. wants to remove the door that you see--it leads into the kitchen and is rather in the way of that nice corner nook.

This stunning bird print is one of several very handsome numbered prints which M. spotted at a big yard sale.
The fruit plaques have been around a while longer.

G. was given these vintage lady prints, unframed, years ago by a wealthy woman for
whom she did private care.
Yardsale frames were emptied of some worthless prints and used to finally display the ladies.
The curtains are ones I made for my sitting/sewing room in the last of our Wyoming houses--sadly they don't fit in my present house--so they have moved to G.'s house.
{Can you tell that we really enjoy repurposing things?]

The photo doesn't do this piece of cross-stitch full justice.
Another auction find.

G. created a display of vintage aprons and potholders to hang over the door that leads from the
kitchen to the basement laundry/storage area.

I should have turned on a light for this photo.
The blue-green shelf is one that J. made years ago.
The lamp and its fringe-y shade are a vintage find.

There is a story behind this elephant.
I have a smaller elephant doorstop which came from the home that belonged to my grandparents and g-grandparents.  My elephant has a crack down the center [apparently cast in two pieces.]  From my earliest childhood memory the elephant wore a red cloth bandage.
Although G's creature is unscathed, he wears a bandage in the family tradition.

We can't decide if T-baby is pleased with all this house decorating or if he is miffed by the uproar.
Here he is plopped on a vintage trunk, surrounded by pictures and books,
supervising the arrangement of his domain.


  1. Love the bird print and the cross-stitch.

    "By Stargoose And Hanglands"

  2. What fun. Thanks for sharing. Always eager to see what you and your daughter do!

  3. Wow T-baby could be our Toto's brother....I think T-baby is bemused by it all. What a wonderful job she did, on placing all the pictures and treasures on the walls ....they are wonderful ...your daughter has a good eye for things.Glad you had such a good day out ...you deserve a day to yourself ...you work so hard on the homestead.xx

  4. What an interesting collection of prints and other pictures. I especially like the bird print.

    I remember your story about the elephant and the red bandage......

    T-baby cat looks remarkably like our Norwegian Forest boy.

  5. Fun to see, always enjoy seeing how others decorate with paintings and pictures.