Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain, Rain---GO AWAY!

J. brought in the first two ripe strawberries yesterday.
We are wondering at what point the crop may give up in the face of sunless days.

Pounding rain began again in the early morning.
Drenched iris hold brave wet heads upright in the green gloom.

Occupation for a rainy day.

Willis is a natural ham!


  1. You have to smile at those photo's of Willis!

    It seems only a few weeks ago that you were blogging of snow and here are ripe strawberries. Incredible!

    Fingers crossed for some better weather......

  2. Aw bless him - hes a PROPER house cat now! Sorry you have all that rain - we appear to have stolen your sun . . . Just had the hottest and driest April on record (and March was possibly driest too).

  3. I love the setting of the lamp and the irises.
    Wow willis has really made himself at home

  4. I thought Willis was an outdoor cat? He looks so cozy on J.'s lap.
    We need rain! Too bad it can't be spread out more evenly. Does it rain there as much as it did in Vermont?

  5. You've all caught on to Willis--his wiles and his charmingly nonchalant ways have gained him entrance to the house whenever he chooses.
    He knew a good thing today--warm fire and a comfortable lap!

  6. Oh you fell for Willis! I was sure you would. Some great photos. Hope all the winds and rains are skipping Kentucky.

  7. sharon-funny old world, we havent had any rain for weeks here, the ground is so dry and we are having to water the tubs and garden. Scrubland and heath fires have been breaking out too.

    willis is adorable, he should have a blog all of his own!

    Leanne x