Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Antics of Willis the Cat

Willis has been on a "roll."
Thursday evening he charged about in the garden and in the tall grass below, whirling into the air to snatch at mayflies, pivoting and scampering, stalking G.'s mild-mannered white cat, Jinka.
He gets very full of himself.
Friday morning after helping J. in the garden, he strolled back to the house and flung himself into the patch of catnip [nepeta cataria.]
One snort of the stuff and he thinks he is the grandest tiger in the jungle.
J. tickled him with a bit of vine and had his shoes attacked for his pains.

No dainty nibbling for Willis.  He wallows and thrashes bringing down stalks of catnip
which he chews, shreds, inhales.

Slightly stoned.

photo by M. Gould
Friday evening Willis decided to accompany G. and M. as they walked about the yard.
He just happened to take a detour up the old apple tree, just happened to investigate the uninhabited bluebird house.
If you're any kind of a clever cat it is possible to look innocent, nonchanlant, totally detached, while busily plotting mayhem.


  1. They sure can look like they are up to nothing, when actually they really are up to something, they just don't want us to know. :-) They are characters.

    I've not tried growing catnip for cats. They don't seem to react to the dried stuff.

    Enjoy and have a lovely weekend.


  2. He looks like a bundle of mischief :-D

  3. What a rascal he is -- all boy! Don't let him teach your other cats his tricks, otherwise you will have your hands full!

  4. This just made me laugh! Love it!
    He looks like he is up to no good!

  5. "he thinks he is the grandest tiger in the jungle" ...

    its good to have ambition!! and I think wiilis is well on his way!!

    Leanne x

  6. Gosh, there's innocence for you!! He is obviously quite a character, bless him.

  7. FL: Not all cats enjoy catnip--and they react to it a bit differently. Some of ours become quite fierce, others just loll about.

    Kath: Animal personalities are so varied--just like humans. Willis arrived with his bumptious ways already ingrained!

    Chris: The girl kittens don't seem influenced by Willis--a good thing!

    Vicki: Thank you for stopping by. Willis brings many a smile to our faces. Some of his photos have appeared in an area on-line magazine, so Jim is greeted in town with, "What's Willis up to?"

    Leanne: I think Willis and your George could be cousins--similar attitude!

    BB: Willis needs all the blessings on offer--I hope he has nine lives!