Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Taste of Success

Grandson D. checks his cellphone as he emerges from the cab of the truck meant to be his own.

While yesterday's initial search for a suitable home in KY was discouraging for our recently arrived family, today was brighter.
M. located this truck for sale cia the internet.
He and D. went with J. to look it over after dropping off the empty U-Haul in town.
Daughter G. and I enjoyed a quiet few hours sitting in the sun, watching the cats and her dogs.
The men were quite full of themselves when they returned with the pickup which will serve as the  family vehicle for now and will later be for D.'s use.
[Neither of M. and G.'s middle-aged  vehicles had A/C--a requirement in a climate where summer can begin in April---so they were not moved across the country.]

I've always adored Chevy  pick-ups--I've given warning that if the keys are left in the ignition, I may just drive off to town!


  1. I am sure that, like you, they will find the perfect home and be as happy as you both are.

  2. Wow, what an exciting time for you all and how lovely to have your daughter nearby :D

    I love all you cats and cannot imagine a home without one, our kitties are settling nicely :D