Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Hungry Visitor

Several weeks ago I was sewing downstairs late one evening when J. appeared on the staircase beckoning--and at the same time shushing me.
"Come see what's on the porch," he whispered.
It was an opposum, calmly eating kibble from the cat's dish.
Although I tried to take a photo, all I produced was a streaky glare through the [dirty] glass door.  When I cautiously opened the door the possum toddled away.

The possum who dined here on Saturday evening was more obliging.
Sadie and Sally skittered about the carport, not at all dismayed by the possom's presence.
I suspect that one or more of them have been regular visitors.
J. creaked the door open an inch at a time and I managed to reach through and point the camera.
Not spectacular photos but they serve to record the event.


  1. I use to like opossums till they started digging up our lawn now we catch and release them else where.

  2. This post prompted me to look up opossums as I didn't know anything about them. They look really lovely and apparently they are quite soft to touch. Also it is where playing possum comes from when playing dead. Thanks for the prompt...
    It is such a privilege to get close to these wild creatures, I know when I catch sight of my regular fox I am always in awe of the fact that he manages to survive at all
    Funnily enough I am posting on Rats tomorrow, there must be something in the air !!!

  3. That is so cute, but then we don;t get those in England!
    More mice by the way, taking them further away to release now!

  4. Dear friend,
    Yes they are cute but can carry rabies and other diseases. In Alabama we try to catch and release away from our kitties. Be sure that if there is one, there are more!

  5. Hi there ...I have just had an amazing catch up of your blog ....love all the photos ...especially Mrs Beasley with the catnip .. and the possum on this one. How wonderful to have those diaries ...shows what was important to him.I will try to keep up to date with your wonderful blog xx

  6. Love possoms, they are remarkably hardy creatures. Gotta love their pluck.