Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Continuing Story of Willis the Cat

It wasn't enough that J. tends to spoil Willis.
Daughter and son-in-law have now taken up for him in a big way.
G. finds him and carries him out to the motorhome on rainy days so that he can keep her company while she curls up to read.
Willis seems to have been born with a 'front and center' personality.
His morning escapades found favor with the editor of our local on-line magazine
You can read the whole story, complete with two more photos and Ed's funny comments here.


  1. Love the report and that photo of willis on the bird box is priceless

  2. Willis looks to have a thick coat something like the one Tabetha, the chocolate tortie, has, who is in our shelter. She has made herself very comfortable in the large room, where there are plenty of toys, cat climbing furniture and some very comfy beds -- not to mention free access to food and water. At first(several months ago) she was a little bit stand-offish. But now she that has only one other cat with her she has decided to snuggle up to him. Her coat is so thick that I decided to brush her, but she wasn't having any of that. She is still not exactly a lap cat, but once when I tried massaging her fairly rigorously she decided she loves that. It is one way that I can rough up all her hair and pull the excess off with firm strokes. Now she wakes up immediately she hears my voice and even rolls over for a tummy rub -- never heard of before in her stately majesty. Oh but what amount of hair! You could stuff a cushion with it.

  3. Angie: Willis is one of those cats who loves to interact with humans--he has a talent for amusing and outrageous behavior. Just after J. snapped that photo Willis reached down and poked his paw into the opening of the bird house--that's when things got a bit tense! We hope he hasn't frightened off the nesting bluebirds.

    Chris: Willis and the two tortie girls have rather short-haired coats which became very thick over the winter. Willis was damp with misty rain this morning which made his fur look rather rough. I've had indoor cats whose fur came out in endless handfuls when they were stroked or combed. We live in an atmosphere of cat hair that would likely be appalling to any but a confirmed cat lover.
    I enjoyed reading about Tabetha. The plight of stray cats [and dogs] is heart-breaking. The shelter where you visit sounds like a very compassionate place.
    [Maybe Tabetha is meant to come home with you?]