Thursday, April 14, 2011


Our daughter, son-in-law and grandson rolled in from Wyoming at about midnight on Monday--make that the very wee hours of Tuesday morning.  A wrong turn delayed them for a bit, then they lost cell phone coverage.  They pulled into the local Wal Mart and went into the electronics dept hoping to sort the phones.  The man in charge there assured them that he "growed up in Gradyville" and would be going off work shortly and could lead them to our turn-off.
We were pacing the floor, wondering what had happened, so got in our car and drove up the road just in time to meet M. carefully maneuvering the rental truck onto the narrow winding road.
After greetings and hearing the short version of their trip we all very belatedly went to bed!
It was pouring rain all evening and still misty and dank in the morning.  By noon there were welcoming sunny skies, a chance to admire the flowering trees and shrubs.

Daughter G. bundled in her Dad's jacket bringing her Maine Coon Cat in to be reacquainted with us.
The rental truck has to be turned into the local U-Haul depot today.
The decision was made to store belongings here and there in our various barns rather than
 in a storage unit in town.

Worldly goods being removed from the truck.
Daughter is very attached to that faded pink bathrobe--I think its the equivalent of a "Linus blanket."

As they say in the South, "Lawd, have mercy!"

Our garage is filling up.
I am definitely in "flash back" mode--this reminds me of way too many moves
in the past decade.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could really cull our belongings and "travel light?"
M. and G. are delighted with the Kentucky countryside--all the greeness,
the songs of the mockingbirds each morning and
the "peepers" singing from the creek every evening.
They just need to find a house--a daunting prospect.
Grandson D. is [I think] a bit stunned--and maybe not too anxious to be introduced as the new kid at the local high school!
We predict that before his first week there is out the cheerleaders will be competing for his attention.


  1. Wow, what a huge handsome cat! I wonder if I am the only person who was scrutinising your daughters worldly goods. I find other peoples furniture quite fascinating! I am always looking for interesting pieces to restore, so I guess you never get out of the habit, thats my excuse LOL
    Oh and I agree, with every move, we seem to have more "stuff" and yet when we stay in the caravan, I always love the freedom of not being surrounded by so many belongings. Go figure...

  2. I am so very glad your family made it to you. We are set for a winter storm here in Nebraska. I am glad if they drove through here, they made it past this state. We are going to get pounded according to the weatherman :")
    Enjoy the family, and I love the kitty, very handsome!
    Take care and hugs

  3. How wonderful that M and G moved there! I bet it feels so nice to be in the "green" and into warmer temps. I hope they have good luck finding a house close to you and J. We miss you all and think of you often!


  4. Kath: T-Baby is indeed a handsome creature--quite unsquelchable in personality. He has led a charmed life.
    G. has some vintage trunks and many interesting items picked up at yard sales and second hand shops. As belongings were shuttled into the garage I remarked that the items which can be so attractively arranged in a house always look rather forlorn when going into a moving van or storage space.
    Denim: M. and G. remarked on constantly battling the wind as they drove through NE, but the worst weather they encountered was some heavy rain. I always have to cheer myself up when going through NE--it seems like a long pull and the wind always howling. Think of what the pioneers endured!
    Shanon: We are relieved that the journey was safely made. Coming from the long winter of WY into KY's springtime is aculture shock--but a good one! What a long time ago it seems that we all lived in Vermont.

  5. I'm glad that their move went smoothly (weather sounded more encouraging than what you battled over a year ago) and I hope that they can find a lovely new home nearby soon. Just as well you have the barns to store their wordly goods in.

    T-baby is GORGEOUS. Our Honey was a Maine Coone and I do miss her - she was so intelligent.

  6. How lucky you are to have your daughter move near you! Glad they made it there safely

  7. I didnt realise your family were moving close to you too Sharon, thats fab isnt it? and to arrive in springtime as well, wonderful!! wishing you all much happiness together again.

    (I love T baby too by the way!)

    Leanne x

  8. I love T.Baby too, even though I am a dog 'person' he is wonderful... Exciting times too with the family moving in.