Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Our Daughter

Our daughter, Gina Beth, was born on January 17, 1966.
She missed by a few hours being a birthday present for her Dad.
Just as well--we spent that evening traveling from Vermont to Maine.  I had a few hours rest between reaching our home in Maine and leaving for the hospital.

School photo, Union Springs Academy.
Gina is the only one of the grandchildren to have her "Poppa Whitehurst's" hazel eyes.

I cropped this from a larger group photo, probably taken by my sister-in-law at a family gathering.
Gina loves colorful clothes and "baubles."

Gina with her cat, T-baby--taken against the flaming backdrop of a Wyoming sunset--enhanced by the glow of a mountain forest fire.
Photo by my son-in-law.

Gina loves her pets dearly, but she shows her affection in strange ways.
What's a cat to do when togged up in a baby dress--pink, of all things!

Gina and her omni-present cat.
[Tarbaby, aka Bubby]

A rare moment of gardening, with Mixie, the dog she smuggled home from Mexico.

Father and daughter showing the family resemblance.
They were singing;
Oh Lord it's hard to be humble

when you're perfect in every way.

I can't wait to look in the mirror

cause I get better looking each day.

Happy Birthday, Dear Gina!


  1. Very nice!

    Happy birthday too {2}.


  2. Happy Birthday, Dad and Daughter!

  3. Happy birthday to both. Is she still in Wyoming? It's so hard having our children far away.

  4. An expensive time of year in your family:) Happy Birthday to Gina.

  5. Happy Birthday Gina. Hazel eyes = Irish blood?! I have them too : )

  6. Happy Birthday to Gina and to her Dad. You must have had some good double celebrations over the years.
    Lovely to see that Gina has inherited your passion for cats!

  7. Wonderful photos and memories... Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday, Gina! Happy birthday to Dad too!

  8. What a stunner at school she was chasing off the boys .... Happy Birthday Gina

  9. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!