Friday, January 14, 2011

After many Gloomy Days--Sunshine!

Brief glimpses of sun this week have quickly succumbed to grey skies.
This morning brought the promise of sunshine and a warmer day.

The back door of the tobacco barn swings wide.  The 'woods' which looked so forbidding under a grey sky now beckon under a ceiling of blue.

At some time a vine or creeper [maybe Virginia creeper?] clambered up the sides of the barn and became imbedded in siding. Although the vine is dead it is an integral part of the barn.

The thickened base of the creeper that clings to the boards.

This small 'doorway' at the base of the barn appears to have been deliberately cut out.
Willis has just popped inside.

Willis exits the cat door in a streak of stripes!

A rosa multiflora took root inside the barn and has stretched its prickly arms through a gap in the siding.

Dead vines sprout like wiry hair from the eaves of the barn.
Icicles sparkle in the morning sun.

Willis and Sally companion me as I trudge around the fields.

The dooryard seems alive again under the blue skies.
By mid-afternoon much of this snow had melted, giving way to stiff mud in the track to the barn.

The tobacco barn casts a jagged blue shadow over the back field.
Below the road follows the bend of Big Creek.


  1. There's nothing that lifts the spirits so much as seeing the sun shining after a procession of grey, gloomy winter days. Unfortunately it's the grey kind we have here today - wet and windy. Which makes it even nicer to see your photographs:)

  2. So nice to see a real barn. Don't have too many of them left around here. We are having true spring-like, if not summer like weather. It really perks up the spirits.

  3. The sun is the only way I can deal with winter, the gloom would drive me crazy. Love your barn pictures!

  4. Fascinating to see how growth has become a part of the barn's structure - will it do you suppose become host to birds nesting, come Spring?

    I was thinking of your today as I created a textile winter-scene with word whisper; and cheesecloth (!). It will appear on my journaling post when i've taken a photo; it's subject is winter trees and your bare branches beyond your tobacco barn reminded me that bare trees anywhere create a lovely tableaux.

  5. That's a huge vine on the barn...i've never seen Virginia creeper get that big, but it's possible...might also be honeysuckle, wild grape, bittersweet, poison ivy (!)...guess you'll find out once it leafs out. That's an interesting little cat door cut in the side of the barn, and smart Willis to find it!