Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Tribute to our Son's Birthday

Our son, HLW, was born about 7:30 on the morning of December 22, 1964.
Above is a collage made today of boy-hood photos.

The prize buck.

Howard with Minnie.

Howard in a rare moment of relaxing.

Howard with Joe.

HLW-- a testy, funny, intense, articulate man: clever mechanic, perfectionist carpenter.
Like his parents, he is a push-over for animals.
Happy 46th Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Howard ...he is a handsome dude ...a great mix of the two of you.
    Re the boys who live with us ...such a complicated situation. It looks as though Vicki and Jay will be their official carers and their mum has admited she cant cope and that they are better living with us.There is a lot more to it and she has gone off the rails again ...none of the sisters know what to do as she will take no advice, throws help back in the persons face, puts herself before anyone else,drinks too much and has a 'poor me' attitude, when she is in this state.

    Have a great family Christmas or just an intimate one ...depending on whats planned.
    Maybe I will be picking your brains in the New Year as Vicki and I are sharing a pressy ...a sewing machine.
    Loads of love xx

  2. Happy Birthday to Howard! My oldest son is 44. That reminds me -- Christmas Day is my birthday. I do truly forget! I'll be 73. Howard sounds like a combination of both of my sons.

  3. Angie: So many children are in a needy situation these days. I know you and your household will do the best you can for these boys.

    Chris: Happy Birthday! Where have our years gone? I had a nice visit on the phone with our son. There are things in his life which I wish could be easier/better, but I cherish his many fine qualities.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday to your son, he is, as Angie says, a handsome dude:)

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Howard. Truly a son to be proud of. Gosh, my son is only 19, but we were "geriatric parents"!!!

    Have a lovely Christmas. I shall think of you.