Monday, November 15, 2010

We've Had Visitors!

For several days last week we enjoyed a visit from J's nephew, his wife
and baby daughter who is about 20 months old.
It seemed to me that Baby H. would enjoy the surprise of potatoes uncovered from the garden soil.

J. obligingly forked up potatoes while the toddler and her dad observed.

I can imagine her protesting, "It's cold--and dirty!"

"You can have it back!"

The baby's grandfather is J's identical twin brother whom baby H. refers to as 'Poppa."
She called J. that as well.

The males of J's line come up with innovative methods of getting themselves and their worldly goods from one point to another.

The rear view.

Wally the Cat rides in the pig-a-back truck, hopefully comfortable with a pile of folded blankets,
litter box, food and water.

Some of our time with the family was spent exploring local properties for sale.
Here baby H. could get down and walk on the path, although she had to be toted
through the woods.
We shared simple hearty meals, hours of talk,
a visit to Delilah's store, hikes in the November sun.


  1. I can so remember that look of 'what's this?' on my daughter's face when she was that age (she's almost 40 now!). What an eventful day you had, and how warm it seems to be with those bare arms. Not that it is that cold yet here; I'm just remembering the -9 degrees C it was last year around now.

  2. Yikes, that double-decker truck looks precarious! and i can only imagine how they got the pick up truck on board and how they plan to get it off again! (reminds me of my ex-bf riding his motorcycle up a single board ramp into the U-Haul truck as we prepared to move...gulp) So you might have extended family as neighbors soon?? Your greatniece is a real cutie!

  3. WSC: It is so delightful to share with a toddler--they look at everything with fresh eyes of wonder.
    Last week was lovely weather--warm, sunny afternoons.
    QC: The main weight of the smaller truck seems to be balanced firmly in the truck bed and is well strapped to the protruding planks which I assume also served as on/off ramp.
    I dislike watching these loading and unloading maneuvers, but the men seem to take it in stride.

  4. Men are like that! We see a problem whereas they don't! How lovely to have the family to visit, and such a sweet wee one too.

  5. Fascinating the way one loaded truck sits on another. I love the 'newness' of things for little ones, the look of joy or disgust. The family looking for a place to live near by sounds good, will probably be doing the same as well with my family soon..