Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Videos for the Techinically Challenged

I went outside late this afternoon to empty the vacuum cleaner resevoir which was clogged with [any guesses?]  CAT HAIR!
I looked up to see Pebbles thundering around the pasture, tail in the air, hooves flying.
She circled the barn, reversed, ran down to the garden fence, and with a great flourish and snorting like a steam engine, spun on her hooves and roared back toward the barn.
By the second turn around I had found the camera, but darned if I had ever used the video function on the thing.
I got it into the correct mode, but didn't realize that every time I touched the shutter I turned off the recording. It was working exactly the opposite of how I imagined.
So here we have a few seconds of utter silliness as demonstrated by an aging horse.
Neither J. nor I have any idea what set her off.
To view the videos from the blog it appears that one must click on the "read more" option.
I daresay I should confine my efforts to something less challenging than uploading a video.
Yes, I know--my grandkids can do it!

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  1. Don't worry.You're not alone in bein technically challenged. In fact I look upon your efforts with envy......

  2. It just came up as a photo for me (and no Pebbles in sight - she must have been going some lick!!)

    I got mine on the video setting by mistake once - when there was a ploughing match in the Towy valley. Don't think I can post the link though . . . technophobe I am!

  3. Well if it weren't fall, I'd say she had spring fever!