Thursday, October 14, 2010

Made with Milk!

Dory's milk has been accumulating at an alarming rate.
J. delivered a gallon of milk to Yoders on Monday morning and on Monday afternoon he and Joseph installed Dory in their pasture.
This morning Delilah phoned to announce that we needed to bring home more milk!
We fetched home about 7 qts.
I skimmed cream from the glass gallon jars which have been sitting in our fridge and set the cream to ripen in our new hand-cranked churn.
I tried to recall the procedure used years ago when I regularly made yogurt.
Browsing the web I learned that the latest thing is to make yogurt in a crock pot.
I've just taken the trial batch from under its nest of heavy towels--you can see where we spooned a taste.
Good stuff--cooling in the fridge to serve with fruit in the morning.

J. volunteered to crank the churn--while watching Fox News on his laptop.
I like the juxtapostion of the old and new technology.
J.'s Grammie H. demonstrated the art of making cottage cheese when we stayed with her as newly weds--so many years ago.
Tomorrow I'll see if I can produce an edible batch.
I hope J. and I are not about to turn into "butterballs" with all this milk and cream!


  1. I still yearn for a butterchurn just like the one you have. They are "antiques" now though, and either turn up in unusable condition or else with a £40+ price tag . . . I use my Kenwood mixer instead, but one of these days . . .

    I have made a soft cheese ("crowdie") in the past, and have some cheese-making equipment, so really I have no excuse.

  2. Oh Yum! That does look good :D I love making butter and cheese by hand. The only problem for me is no room to keep a cow or goat, so I wait and buy up the reduced cream when it's on offer! It's so worth the effort. Enjoy :D

  3. What fun making butter and yogurt etc ...but hard work ... you could freeze the butter ... and the cream if you whip it first I believe. I remember souring milk and hanging it up in muslin to make a sort of cream cheese and then adding flavours like garlic and herbs. Good Luck with your 'Milk Mountain'xx

  4. Wow, that is impressive. Homemade yogurt sounds good. Making it in the crockpot sounds great.

    Look at that beautiful butter too.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  5. LOVE that fresh milk! I'm so jealous!

  6. Home-made butter, yum! Lucky you. That's a great picture of old and new. And who says us old folks can't learn new tricks or return to old one.

  7. lol! What a mixture - old and new!

  8. That butter looks so delicious...just the thing for homemade bread fresh out of the oven! We have a butter churn collection, so all I need now is a cow! ;-)

  9. Hope you won't end up being overwhelmed by all that lovely milk! Homemade butter is out of this world...yummm. And i was thinking "you need some way to freeze all that milk"...ah yes, make some ice cream!