Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Are Doing Well, Thank You!

We have learned to greet the humans when they walk up to the barn. The Mom-lady brings us treat food and then we sit on her lap.
We like when she wears her bib overalls as there are lots of loops and pockets we can hang onto.

Sally being a lap kitten.  Very difficult to keep a kitten on my lap and lean back far enough to focus the camera.
Sadie, making up to J.  I think she likes the scent of horse on his hands.
Pebbles comes thundering up to the barn whenever we visit the kittens.
She may be a tiny bit jealous.  She makes her feelings known by stomping and snorting just outside the barn door.
Note that the tummies are rounding out.
Sadie plays hide and seek.
The kittens fur is much softer after just 4 days of proper food.
Sadie and Sally [and their human keepers] thank you all for the interest shown by your encouraging and admiring comments.


  1. I have been away so have just caught up with news of the kittens. They are delightful MM. I would have done just the same as you! Good luck with raising them. Your careful diet seems to be working well and they already look better than in the first photos.

  2. I can't wait to get back to the shelter to see if I can get a photo of the twins to your kittens. Of course they may be adopted by now. I should have gone in today, but I'm still recovering somewhat from the bug I caught on Monday. I'm OK but just hadn't eaten much. Your kittens look like they are definitely socialized and I'm sure will want more of your lap and cuddles before too long. They look wonderful.

  3. These little cuties show great progress, well done.

  4. Love kittens, yours are looking so cute.

  5. Oh bless. They look to be settling in already and will soon grow into those big ears!!! I surprised the two black and white kittens here this morning - walking back to the house I surprised them exploring the hallway - they shot out and onto the patio but are getting more used to my presence and aren't listening to mummy-cat telling them not to come near . . .

  6. The babies are really coming along great! I had a feeling Pebbles might be jealous... I hope the kittens will learn to be careful of her big feet, and maybe she will enjoy their company.

  7. I love the new kittens! They look just like my cat, and she is very sweet!

  8. Thurs. Went to the shelter today. The torties are gone. Also had three other kittens adopted today. Mason ans Sunny featured on my blog the other day have also been adopted. Sterling is left alone in the big room. I stayed with him for a long time to day. He was lonely.

  9. Oh so cute! I'm catching up on reading now to find out how this all came about. They're lucky to have found you!