Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Morning Photos

I can't recall the name of this dainty aster [Michaelmas Daisy sounds far more appealing]
The plant label is buried in exuberant growth.

The felted leaves of sage wearing silver dew.

Yellow Simplicity Rose coated in dew.

Monarda, beloved by butterflies and bees.

A favorite rugosa from my New England years, Blanc Double de Coubert.

Even the broccoli is dressed in diamonds.

I don't know the name of this grass, but loved the pinky glow of it in the upper pasture.

This photo doesn't do justice to the cool sparkle of dew that bathed the entire meadow.

One of the purple asters by the clothesline.

Spider webs stretched over the grass, cloudy with moisture.

Red Clover.
The shimmer of rising sun slanting through the wooded ridges to the east.

Maple leaf.

J. whacked down the exuberant growth of weed and morning glory behind the garage--it has revived.
The two clumps of zinnias are finally looking shabby, yet there are some still lovely blooms.

Worms and decay?
Apple mint in early morning shade.

Basil in sunshine.

Morning glories clambering about the front porch.

Cones on the magnolia tree.


  1. Wonderful plants and photos. I do like Michaelmas Daisies and that's what those look like, but I'm no authority. The dew drops on everything make me feel as though I can smell the fresh earth.

  2. Wonderful photos, I particularly liked the maple leaf.

  3. What beautiful and atmospheric photos. We have sunshine here, but it was cool first thing. Butterflies still around the flowers. Autumn has well and truly arrived though . . .

  4. Great photography! The diamond-dusted sage is my favorite.
    Love all the kitties! How many do you have?
    The little tortie barn cats are delightful!

  5. Beautiful photographs.The quality of light has a real late-summer feel about it.

  6. Really love all the photos and the jewel-like sprinkles of tiny dew drops!