Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am honored that Chris J has bestowed upon me a Creative Blogger Award.
When I was previously given an award I struggled with the mechanics of passing it on.  My reading and writing time are shorter just now than I would like, so rather than go through the "drill" I will merely say, "Thank You."
I am delighted to know that I have a few loyal readers. The swapping of thoughts and comments with blogging friends has become an important part of my day.
I am drawn to bloggers/writers who enjoy nature, pets, music, books, creative art forms.
If you aren't acquainted with "Flamblogger" do visit her. She writes engagingly and shares some lovely artwork.
Here is the link.
Chris J


  1. Thanks MM. Yes the worst part is knowing who to pass it on to. We do have similar interests.