Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cats Are Feeling Neglected!

Teasel regards my morning activities with an irritated expression.

Teasel  and Jemima would like to know if I am about to create more havoc in the bedroom by moving
furniture and bringing in paint cans and such.

Chester is not very bright [could you guess?] and is inclined to be skittery.
When he pleases he can be purr-y and affectionate.

Chester and his father, Charlie, watch for sparrows on the front lawn.

Willis is very photogenic.

Willis is also a "holy terror" who gets underfoot, trips me,
twines himself around Pebbles hooves and rubs his face on her ankles.
[And no, I don't know the correct term for a horse's ankles!]

Sally, who is the smallest of the barn kittens and the busiest.

Sunlight slants in between the gaps in the old boards which are the barn siding.

Sadie poses on J.'s bush-hog.

Sadie on the defensive.  Willis has tried to instigate a wrestling match and Sadie wants none of it!


  1. the cats are so lovely Sharon- i love the sparrow watching!

    Leanne x

  2. I think while all the disruption is going on, Teasel should come for a holiday at Aunty Kaths, she is just adorable :D

  3. Absolutly adorable.
    Looks and sounds like my house.
    Everyone at my house is upset as I have my neighbor's cats. They almost had a disastorous house fire yesterday evening, and after everything was cleared up, I am cat sitting until they get the electricity on and the worker's out of the house, and my crew is not happy with the guests in the bathroom. So my house is a little up in arms.

  4. I think they are protesting because you aren't sat down making a quilt for them to come and "help" you with! Loved those disgruntled faces!

  5. So glad to see an update on Sadie and Sally. I'm just about to go down to the shelter for a couple of hours and I know there will be some torties that will remind me of them.

  6. Your kitties are just beautiful! Is that Teasel in your header photo with those amazing blue eyes? Glad your little tortie barn kitties are doing well.

    I am thankful every day for the joy that my cats bring.

  7. Leanne: Isn't it nice that bird-watching provides amusement for the cats and the birds are perfectly safe on the other side of the window?
    Kath: Teasel is very beautiful and intelligent. She is pretty much a one-person-cat---my cat. When visitors come she tends to stay in the bedroom....unlike some I could mention who are determined to be "in your face."
    denimflyz: Cats don't appreciate their normal routine being upset, do they! I can imagine the agitation caused to your cats by their "guests"--and your felines likely feel they've been invaded.
    BB: I so look forward to a settled house and the time to sew again on a quilt. The cats love being involved with fabric.
    Chris J. My contirbutions to the Pet Connection in our former home meant that I added four cats to our household: Charlie, Maisie and their two children, Jemima and Chester. It is not wise for me to visit pet shelters! Needy animals break my heart.

  8. I love your kitties! I think we can't possibley provide enough attention for our wonderful friends, but we do our best!

  9. WP: I've always thought that those who don't have pets in their lives are missing a very special connection. Over the decades my cats have brought great joy--and broken my heart a few times.
    Kim: I have a talent for "frittering away my time" [as my late Mother used to say] and what better way than to talk to my cats, try to capture them in photos, enjoy their antics.