Sunday, August 29, 2010

Barn Kittens, Day 2


Sadie is the extrovert, a "talker."

"I'm listening!"

I took the kittens their morning essentials of strained chicken--a heaping teaspoon each-- and fresh water, replenished kibble, let them out of the cage.  I then  fed Pebbles who began the usual loud announcements about starving and neglected horses as soon as I slid open the dining room door.
Livestock attended, house cats polishing their bowls, I made my coffee.

When I went back to the hay barn an hour later, the kittens were playing on top of a stack of bales, but rushed to the edge to greet me.  Sally over-balanced, landed on the 4-wheeler seat and tumbled to the barn floor.
I had to assure her that "I didn't do it," before she was ready to be friends again.

Sally, making conversation.

What you don't see here is Sally's tiny claws kneading through my jeans.

Can you see why I brought them home?
Those pointy faces and big ears suggest Siamese genes in the lineage.
[Sally on the left, Sadie on the right.]

Rough and tumble play is tiring when you're a mere kitten.

"If you would stand right there I could pounce on your head!"

"I think I love you."

Sally watches through sleepy slitted eyes.

"Are you really leaving?"

I wonder how many days before they follow me down the path from barn to house?


  1. I wonder what J will say when he gets back from is canoe trip.....


    lovely wee things mind you!

  2. Al; This is a scenario oft repeated over the years. J. will make token noises ["We really don't need more cats!"] then he will be charmed by them and assist in the process of spoiling them.

  3. Oh, I love those kitties! And I'm glad they have each other to pal around with, while learning all about their great big new world.

    Those tiny needle claws are too much, aren't they?! But their cuteness more than makes up for the pain!

  4. They are the image of the two at the shelter. As with Sadie and Sally, one of them is a talker and the other not so much. I spent 20 minutes tossing the little plastic ball for them in their condo, before they got tired. But they had to eat a nibble and use the kitti-litter before settling down. I don't want to use the word adorable, but what other word is there?

  5. Ahhhhhhh cute and aren't they happy. Cats change in appearance so much as they mature ,I wonder what they will look like as adults ...maybe they will keep that siamesey look or maybe they will fill out and be cuddly bundles.xx

  6. awwww they really are so cute! I agree with you that there may be some Siamese parentage there somewhere...also explains the talkativeness!