Monday, July 5, 2010

Sugar Baby!

Summer doesn't get much sweeter than this: Sugar Baby watermelon fresh from the garden.
Watermelon doesn't give much indication of its degree of ripeness.  We've been eyeing the largest ones for several days wondering if they were ready.
J. brought this one in when he finished watering the garden tonight.
We made rather a ceremony of cutting it.
It should have been share and share alike.

J. took his half in the other room, while I leaned dreamily on the kitchen counter savoring each bite, having quartered my section.  When I reached for the other quarter--it was gone.
The term "greedy" has been bandied about!


  1. When a watermelon is perfectly ripe it really is something special I agree.

    Almost worth stealing.......

    {poor you!}

    Bet that won't happen again!


  2. I love watermelon especially with a light sprinkle of salt.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm very anxious to get this thing over and done with. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Not antibiotics I hope. They usually make me feel worse.

  3. Oooh - those look SO good. You will have to take your other section WITH you next time, just in case Mr Greedy snitches it! Here the harvest is gooseberries and blackcurrants . . . some destined for my Rumtopf jar that I got in the New Forest (charity shop of course) when we were house sitting for Dartford Warbler last month . . . I need to get a wee bottle of white rum to start it off today . . .

  4. I think your melon thief needs pay back ...or did you just eat the last bit and not realize lol

    It was interesting reading about the fact it was difficult to tell if a melon was ripe ...maybe I have never eaten a ripe one as I find they have no taste !!!...also I watched a man in the super market yesterday, with a large one againt his ear ... listening for something ???? ... he pulled a face replaced it and picked up another ...I so wanted to ask what he was doing lol

  5. Nothing tastier than fresh, sweet watermelon!

  6. That looks absolutely mouth watering, i would have been tempted to do the same!

  7. Al; I will be guarding my next portion of watermelon rather than eating it daintily.
    Chris; I'm going to try salt on watermelon--I always sprinkle it on cantelope.
    BB; We planted watermelon in our New England garden--it never got as ripe as it should--never this sweet. I've been eying a plant I though might be gooseberry, but it hasn't set fruit, so I'm back to wondering. Gooseberry jam must take a ton of sugar.
    Angie; I laughed on reading your comment because my first thought was whether I had absent-mindedly eaten both my chunks of melon--and forgotten. I've heard that one can "thump" melons and tell the degree of ripeness, but its not an art I've perfected.
    Janet; This was so fresh we didn't even let it cool in the fridge!
    Kath; I sort of felt that J. should have a belly ache as retribution for snitching my piece of melon, but he has a cast iron innard.