Monday, July 12, 2010

Simply Wildflowers

I noticed this unfamiliar flower stalk in the weedy verge across the road as we drove out on Friday.
Closer inspection didn't help with identification--likely not a plant which grew in our New England fields.
Time to dig out the old wildflower book and search for a look-alike.
A shorter stem of the same plant. The actual flowers have a bit more pink in their coloring than the camera caught.
Brown-eyed Susans, cheerful and hardy.
I have always liked Queen Anne's lace.
Quite a marvel that the flat flower head turns to a nest of seed.
This seed head has a definite tint of rose.
Wildlings seem to survive drought and all manner of abuse while our pampered and pricey perennials may give up.


  1. Love your pink wildflower, hope you are able to identify it. Someone should be able to tell you if you don't find it in your book.

    Your brown eyed Susans are happy flowers.

    I would love to be able to grow Queen Anne's Lace, but she does not like our heat and humidity.

    I love your header and all your feline critters on your sidebar. You have quite a family, including Pebbles.

    Have a great week enjoying your wildflowers.


  2. Queen Anne`s Lace in England is the early Cow Parsley that lines the country lanes in late May and into June.

    We have Black/ Brown Eyed Susans here as garden flowers.

  3. Love the wild flower you discovered pretty ...and some more great flower shots.

  4. Looks a bit like phlox, doesn't it? Pretty anyway. Lovely flowers all.

  5. The pink flower looks like Common Centaury, which we have growing in our top field (when it's not pretending to be a hay meadow that is!)

    I love wild flowers and have them growing in my borders. Yarrow (which I planted - Achillea) and now some Bugle is looking prettily purple and as if it's something I planted, so I shall let it carry on there. Nettles in borders are a no-no though . . .

  6. I love the flowers! I also love capturing them up close in macro mode...I miss my brown eyed susans. I came back from my vacation to discover that the deer had eaten all my flowers and the four tomato plants!