Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting Along With The Help

I came in from the garden Thursday afternoon to find Teasel and Chester "sorting" the green beans I had just picked. The idea is to fork delicately about in the beans, extract one, fling it about and chew on it.

When one bean loses its novelty, choose another and toss it into some rather inaccesable place.

J. brought in corn to strip yesterday afternoon and established himself in front of the TV.  He immediately had a circle of assistants.

Teasel, trying to convince us that she hasn't just dragged corn leaves around the room.

If I don't bring in a snippit of fresh catnip on my trips in and out, Teasel as spokes-cat reminds me that cats like freshly harvested greens.
Here they are, "stoned" on their drug of choice.


  1. Oh to have such wonderful helpers!
    They are all looking very healthy and satisfied.

  2. Your pantry or canning cellar will be a thing of beauty this winter! What good harvesting you are enjoying from that good old Kentucky soil.

    My cat Virginia is the same way about the string beans - she thinks they are little toys I've brought in for her to play with!

  3. They are SO funny! I loved the circle of them "relaxing" after their labours . . . Chill, man . . .

  4. I love that last photo-
    my cats regularly indulge in catnip too! they are all so lovely, oh to stroke their beautiful fur... :-)

    Leanne x

  5. What wonderful shots the circle of them ...they really are beautiful felines.

    Our Sid loves cooked green beans ...left some on the side and caught him red handed ...pawed that is... chomping away lol

  6. Lovely photo of them all high on catnip:) Pity you can't train them the actually string the beans and husk the corn!

  7. Wonderful pictures of your assistants! Mine will actually deign to eat one or two cooked green beans. All of them like corn to one degree or another, with Sylvie absolutely passionate about chewing on the corn husks! I've scraped raw kernels off and all 4 have enjoyed them (although they caused immediate gastric upset in Fuzzy) The cats all stoned on 'nip is wonderful!