Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Attention Deficit Disorder

This strange beetle-bug was dithering about on the edge of the planter. [I didn't take time to edit the photo. ] He darted here and there, changing direction, seemingly without purpose.
As I thought of the kindly comments reassuring me that I'm not [really not!] becoming senile, it came to me.  Maybe I have ADD--a lack of ability to stay focused sounds nicer than dementia.
However, if I'm really "losing it" I think I'm in pleasant company.


  1. I know just how that beetle-bug feels - what to do FIRST? Shall I do THIS, or THIS, or THAT? Arggggggh!

    Back says it's payback time after standing for 6 hours yesterday preparing and cooking 11 lbs apricots and 7 lbs small peaches for the freezer (£1 a tray bargains from the place at Abergwili). Plus 20 peppers - have the 11 yellow ones to do this morning . . .

  2. Ha!

    Good morning MM,

    At least you deliberately decided not to edit the photo and didn't just forget.......

    Can't be that bad then!!!

    have a good day.


  3. My husband, ever the bug man, says it's not a beetle, but rather a wasp. Often called a Velvet Ant or Cow Killer. They sting like hell. The male has wings the female does not

  4. Now in THAT I really am right there with you! I have alot of trouble.... oh look, there goes a squirrel!

  5. Not sure I like that bug ..its red ...doesn't that mean danger ????
    I am always dithering over what I should do first and not doing anything in the end ...or if I start things then they never get finished ...maybe because I have forgotten I started them lol

  6. A thank you for the identity of the "bug"--interesting names. I'm glad I didn't poke at it.
    It sounds as though we are all plodding on--when we aren't dithering with the decision about which direction to plod!