Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How the Garden Grows

A row of green beans--variety Bush Blue Lake.
Photo taken on Tuesday--by Wednesday the beans were in blossom.

J. keeps his eye on the tomato plants.  He has been known to haunt the garden, salt shaker in pocket, to enjoy the first tomato of the season fresh from the vine.

Today's salad--all from the garden.  A variety of lettuces, the first tomato [Bush Goliath] two cucumbers and an onion from the row of bunching onions which are much-loved in the area.
Salads in progress.
And to finish the meal, raspberry-rhubarb cobbler.
J. did a bit of a favor Monday evening for the young Amish man down the road.
We paid Joseph to help get up hay and he was strong and willing help.
He in turn tried to pay J. for bringing the tractor to spread some crushed rock in his driveway.
[Joe attempted to do this with a drag made from planks and hitched behind his buggy horse--not a workable plan.]
J. refused the money but was happy to accept a bunch of rhubarb which Joseph's wife brought from their garden.


  1. How wonderful to be eating your own produce and that of a neighbour ...what a hard but wonderful life you that cobbler was yummy

  2. Things growing and producing already! That cobbler looks good!

  3. Looks delicious, I love cobbler.

  4. It all looks wonderful! Especially the fresh tomatoes and, of course, the cobbler!