Thursday, June 3, 2010

From Tree to Pie

J. churned out 589 bales of hay yesterdy afternoon for JM.
He came home with the word that JM would like us to go over and pick some of the tart cherries from his dwarf tree.
That invitation was repeated today, so when we went to haul the baler home, we went prepared to pick fruit.

The cherries hung like jewels in the dazzle of sunlight.

We picked several quarts and in between poking perennials into the border,
snatching laundry off the line ahead of the rain,
making supper,
I got the cherries pitted.
They looked very appealing in a glass bowl ready for pie making.
I was so sticky by then--literally cherry juice to my elbows---that I didn't take a photo.
The cherries needed a good dose of sugar to make a tart-sweet pie filling.
J. [as usual] hacked into the pie while it was still warm, which reduced its photogenic qualities.
As a bedtime snack, it was surely luscious!


  1. The trees look beautiful. I love cherries but they have to be SWEET. Same with oranges. Guess I'm picky, picky!

  2. Wow that pie sounded yummy ...cant blame J for tucking in ...will you freeze some pies or fillings ....or just wait 'til next year to enjoy.

  3. Homemade cherry pie - sounds delicious!

  4. Cherries for snackin' should be sweet/tart, and for pies should be tart indeed! My very favorite pie... um, well, maybe a really good banana creme.....

  5. It's great to have free fruit for the freezer or for canning. The hay harvest was VERY productive . . . Pickles needn't worry about what she is to eat next winter . . .