Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Easy Way to Accept an "Award?"

I was presented with the above award last week by Dianne at Thinking About It. I began the laborious process of complying with the requirements for accepting the award--simple enough on the surface--just list 15 favorite blogs and pass on the tribute.
I had created the links--twice, in fact--each time "blogger" gobbled them up and whooshed them off the screen.  [Not my fault--blogger is the scapegoat!]
Another stipulation for dealing with the award is to compose a meme of 7 things which should fascinate my readers who don't have the priviledge of knowing me in person.
Here goes.
1. I am terrified of snakes. Any kind of snakes.
2. J. and I have been married 47 years this evening.
3. I am not a morning person, but I prefer to be the first one out of bed and about, snatching a few moments of peace before the day is launched.
4. I can--and do--read most anywhere there is light enough to see.
5. When I lose my temper, I lose it badly.
6. Quiet time is very important to me.
7. I have an imagination that works over time.

I've been thinking a bit about why we create blogs, why we "follow" certain blogs.
I expect there are many more good writers publishing than I have discovered, but there have to be limits on how many I can keep up with.
Shared interests are the initial key in reading a blog. I have found most of my favorites through visiting other bloggers' lists. I don't have to have everything in common with someone who becomes a valued blogger, but several key factors are a common thread in those blogs to which I return eagerly. 
I enjoy people who are observant and can distill the essence of an experience or a particular setting and then share it in a manner which makes me want to know more. 
I am drawn to bloggers [as well as "real life pople"] who are creative--who make beautiful things in most any medium, whether it is a craft that I share or not.  Reading about, seeing photos of what others have made, is inspiring.
I return to writers who are "word-smiths"--who take care to search out just the right phrase or word to express themselves, writers who have an individual "voice."
There are blogs which appeal for a short time only.  There are great bloggers who seem to fade from the scene and their last post is disappointingly from weeks or months ago.
I think most of us would agree that we love comments!
Sometimes the exchange becomes so lively that we end up with a new pen-friend, one whom we would love to meet, to share an outing or a cup of tea.
I suspect that many of us create blogs because we simply are compelled to write, have always done so in the form of a private journal or in vast and bulky letters to family and friends.
I enjoy my little community of blogging friends.  Your comments add much to my days.
If you would enjoy passing on the award, I will enjoy your participation.  If you are busy or not inspired to do this exercise, that's OK too.
Do try some of the blogs on my list--you may find a new kindred spirit. These are listed in no particular order and all the links were working when I tried them.

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  1. I'm honored to accept your award! It's interesting to see how much we have in common. At least four of your chosen blogs are favorites of mine. My next question is, what am I supposed to do next? (not being used to such distinction, you see.

  2. Oh, Chris! I was hoping you would know how to do the award thing! I floundered through it, used the "link" feature to add the favorite blogs, then did a copy paste of the award "stamp. I've seen some bloggers lining up their awards on the sidebar. I was finally glad to have it all stay on the blog post template long enough to publish.
    I would think we might cheat a bit and just list out our favorites and do the meme. {?}
    I gave up on it finally because it was frustrating me--and the cucumbers were clamouring to be made into pickles!

  3. Also meant to say how many of the meme items you listed are true of me, no wonder I enjoy your Blog so much.

  4. i'm honored too and i will try to get it done.

  5. Am I supposed to post the award on my Blog, list 15 blogs I follow and list 7 things about myself?

  6. thankyou! off to work now, but i'll look at this later... :-)

    Leanne x

  7. You are right about kindred spirits, I see several people on your list, who I love to visit as we have so many interests in common. I love to read about "ordinary" people who find something interesting or pleasurable in their day to day lives.
    I have enjoyed getting to know you, your family, your pets and your home, through reading your Blog and I look forward to continuing our cyber-friendship. Best wishes from England, Kath

  8. Thank you, dear one! I'm not going to pass it along, but will smile when I think of it.

    A late Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  9. Oh, and I meant to say that I LOVE your blog header! Great picture.

  10. I'm flattered to be on your list - thank you! Like Chris I already read several of the other blogs on your list but I shall visit some of the others that I'm not familiar with.