Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cool and Quiet

Pebbles has a hood to keep flies off her face.  We tried several repellents which were not satisfactory.
There were two fly masks in stock when I bought hers--"with ears" and "without."
This is not a custom fit--she has a dainty head.
I've offered to do "alterations" but J. hasn't presented the hood when he removes it at night.
Pebs doesn't balk at having it fastened on each morning--we think she has realized that it is "for her own good."
Saturday morning was cool and the air was sweet after a thundershower on Friday evening.
We made the rounds of dooryard and garden.

J. has been "weed-whacking" and some more of Mr. Rogers' garlic came to light.

This garlic was planted with the peonies--seemingly an odd choice.

Garlic seed heads.  I like the papery little caps.
A tomato is turning red.  This is J.'s "cheater plant"--a Bush Goliath that had been potted on and greenhouse grown to a larger size than the usual offerings in tiny black plastic cell packs.

Tiny cucmbers are setting.
The ubiquitous zuchinni.

View across the upper garden.
The sweet gum tree is producing dark sticky "gum balls."

A newer variety of Echinachea.

The magnolia blossoms are so lovely and so fleeting.
After a day the petals resemble damp brown paper.

A glorious deep red achillia.


  1. what wondeful photos... your future produce must be exciting you.

    I never knew that horses had problems with flies so needed something over their is great learning about a life so different from mine.

  2. Poor Pebbles! I'm sure she is thankful for the protection. I'm learning a lot about plants from you. I know British flowers, trees and bushes but not too many American. Hope you got my e mail reply. Sometimes I'm not sure about this email site. I keep it primarily for my blogs so it doesn't interfere with MOTH's messages.

  3. i sympathize with your horse, sometimes the deer flies are so bad here I wish I had a face mask.

  4. My ponies had fly hoods, they often tore them on the fances, or I found them hanging in the trees, where the pony had had a leafy nibble and caught it on a twig. Pebbles is obviously too much of a lady to cause such vandalism :D

  5. My horses always appreciated their masks, they knew they kept the little buggies away! I loved the animal quilt site too... too many temptations there... I too have done mostly hand applique, but this will be mostly needlefelted and I will probably also applique a couple. Maybe try machine, maybe stick with hand, maybe both. But really I wanted to try the needlefelting on a quilt, I haven'y done much 2 dimensional needlefelting. New stuff. We'll see.