Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Upside-Down Cat

Teasel [aka "Sweetie Pie', Momma's Darling", "Tinker Belle"] is such a beautiful and personable cat.
I take numerous photos of her, but many have to be discarded.  Cats will look away at the crucial moment, wiggle, walk off, turn their backs.
The cats love to birdwatch. They spend many hours grouped by the sliding door peering at the birds.  The cardinals' nest is only a few feet away and above their heads. The sparrows run along the ground beneath the door. Robins bounce about under the maple tree.
When one is seriously alert to the birds, it is very important to be in control of the tail.  No twitching or slashing to give one away.
Viewed from this angle it has to be admitted that Teasel is getting PLUMP.
We tell her she is "stretching her stripes."

I love the herringbone pattern on Teasel's tail.

Taken from the outside.

No, she's not upside down.  When my chair at the dining table is pulled out, there are just inches between the back of the chair and the screen door.  I tried to wriggle around and hold the camera at different angles trying to capture my bird watchers.  My chin was nearly on the back of my chair and intrigued by my contortions, Teasel cranked her stripey head over backwards and gave me this beautiful blue-eyed stare.


  1. Oh, I love it! Her eyes are so much like Bailey's. You should have joined ABC Wednesday because this week is the letter 'S' and "Stretching her Stripes" would have been such a good one.

  2. Hullo MM,

    Hello from Holland. I'm on holiday here but up early today so thought I'd check out a few blogging pals. Great photo of teasel. You've started me off with a smile.

    Thank you.


  3. I think cats are almost as bad as children ... with moving at the crutial moment lol.
    Teasel is really beautiful ..... and certainly not fat. Our cats are all shapes and sizes and all fed the same ...although one or two like to clear up the remains. Pheobie is the size of a 3 month old and Nayla is what could be discribed as morbidly obese... but how do you put one or two on a diet amongst so many ????

  4. Love your cat pix, we're of course owned by a Tabby named Miss Kitty who rules this house with a velvet paw.